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March 03 2009

(SPOILER) 'Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles' WonderCon Preview Reel. Michael Ausiello has an online exclusive look at scenes from the final 6 episodes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

This video was shown March 1 at the show's panel at the convention.

o.O ???

Wow. I guess they're cooking something good over there. Finally! Yay!
I am going to be so despondent when this ends.
Too bad these really will be the FINAL 6 episodes of the series. Probably. :(
At least it looks like it'll go out with a bang. I'm just going to sit back and enjoy.
I truly fear for this show. 'tis the shame because the second season was getting interesting. Then again, I've a crush on Shirly. Oh, I'm so busted!
All my favorite moments this season have been Summer moments.
Oh how I am hoping this show doesn't end anytime soon. This season has only gotten better and this video was amazing! Unless I read it wrong, it said , this SEASON'S final episodes -not the series final episodes. Hang in there Cameron and crew - I'm not in full despair mode - not yet.
This has been a great series for hard SF fans because the creative team cares about the premise (time-traveling robots, soldiers from the future) and shows us how this knowledge affects people in today's world. Great work by everyone, particularly Summer and Lena. When it's over (if it's over), I'm going to miss it a lot -- and probably return to the DVDs as often as I do to "Firefly."
If FOX does cancel the show, and there are still storylines that need tying up, I hope Josh Friedman can find a way to continue it. Maybe take the Joss route and try comics? Warner Brothers is also very invested in the show, maybe a direct-to-DVD?
Maybe this is a stupid question, but - they get money from ads when people watch the show online, right? (Obviously I mean on Hulu and Fox's website, not illegally downloading). So - if we all watch SCC online (or if those of us with decent bandwidth allocations leave it on in the background), wouldn't that help pump the numbers, at least a little?
Especially considering the really great writing of last week's episode, I really hope this series gets some more time in the saddle. It's really started to hit its stride in the second season and the writers have left more material to work with than other shows that have had much longer runs. I got a few weeks behind and watched the last three episodes last night. That'll teach me to get behind.

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