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March 04 2009

Mitch Hurwitz on going back to Fox. Arrested Development creator chats to Tim Goodman with Dollhouse and Joss references.

Chat about Dollhouse/Joss begins at -37:55

Due to the AD track record, I wish him luck. Even with the AbFab remake.
Oh, bless his heart. That's really funny about the t-shirt.

The discussion of "Sit Down, Shut Up" was just great, too -- I loved the discussion of eight daft Tobias-like characters.
Really looking forward to "Sit Down, Shut Up" now, seems another strong addition to Fox sunday night's animations. Could even become the strongest show of the night like Arrested Development used to be.

Good to know he has so many things in the works. Though I do hope he get's some time to write that AD movie too.
By the end of that podcast I was crying, I was laughing so hard!
I'll be looking forward to anything those guys come out with, especially the AD movie.
Can anyone briefly recap what they say about Joss/Dollhouse? I can't play sound for a bit.

I'm a big fan of AD. Can't wait for the movie.
Tim compared Mitch's situation (AD -> Sit Down, Shut Up) to Joss (Firefly -> Dollhouse) and asked why Mitch was willing to go back to Fox. Mitch started by saying that since their show is animated, they were at work on the show a year ago when Dollhouse was announced, and thought about dressing a character named Andrew in a "Save Dollhouse" t-shirt "because by the time we air, (Joss) will need the support."

Mitch then answered the question by saying that some shows ask for passive viewing from the audience while others require something of an audience. He said the latter shows take longer to catch on, but once (like the Sopranos) they do then there's nothing the audience appreciates more. He said that he's embarrassed that he hasn't seen Dollhouse yet. Tim joked "you'd better hurry." Mitch said "poor Joss." Tim joked "I think you're taking its slot." Mitch said "no, no."

Tim asked whether Mitch has trepidation going back to Fox. Mitch sayid he has no hard feelings because they just didn't get the ratings they needed. Will Arnett comes on later in the podcast and essentially says the same thing.

I feel like Marksfriggin!

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