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March 04 2009

You can now vote for the 2009 CSTS promotional art. You can only vote once and you’ve got until March 12th to get your voice heard and your vote counted.

Wow some fantastic stuff. I was scrolling through and thought "this one definately" then got further down and contradicted myself.

Although the text on the back of the first one...bit phallic to anyone else or just me?
Gotta go with #2- I mean, come on, those caricatures are awesome!
Voted for #9, all the others are too loud for my eyes, and come on, it's serenity on its best :)
I love #4. The chinese-inspired designs are awesome.
Voted for #3 with the ship rising up. I want that circular sticker for my car!
I think #3 is the best in terms of message clarity while still being artistic. It's not too busy, not too empty, and there's great usage of color. ...And it's so pretty! :)
I'm a number 3 gal too. But all of them are pretty damn cool.
I lean towards three myself, but unless either the rights issues have changed or unless I'm misremembering something (which in this case is entirely possible), I thought using the ship was verboten?
We actually have confirmation from Universal (and included this in the rules of the contest) that artist renderings of the ship are acceptable. From the contest guidelines: "Universal has no problem with CSTS running this contest. However, it should be noted that Universal in no way officially approves the artwork (i.e. it is not their official creation for Serenity) and that the sale and promotion thereof is solely at the discretion of CSTS."
Numbers four or seven are my choices. Probably four. The back could use some work but the front is pretty spectacular.
I'm just blown away by the level of art here. Deciding is going to be hard.
3's the best. The others have nice elements but don't really come together as designs.
We in CSTSland, are beyond amazed with the quality and heart the artists have given us to choose from. There's really something here for everyone. I can't thank them enough.

Mr. b!X sir, =) I cleared it with Universal. So long as we state it's not official Universal artwork, they are kindly working with us and allowing the use of the Serenity world.

Tell everyone to VOTE!
Wow, all are great! I also voted for #3.
I liked #2, but #3 was the most elegant imo. It gets across both the idea of the screenings and the fact that it is related to Serenifly. I just hope the logo isn't quite as large as the one on last year's shirts.
I guess I'm still the odd one out here with #9 *laughs*

Ah well, as long as the message gets there :)
I went with #7; Colorful and eyecatching. Will also make a Shiny tee shirt!
I liked #1. Hence I voted for it.
I liked the stand-out, unlikely color palette of #8, and I liked #3 as well - #7 had a nice quality, too - but hadda go with #9 as being the most elegant & effective design. It probably doesn't do the best job of conveying both the film and the charity event - but I'm a sucker for its serene tone, and the fact that it doesn't use the ship, for once. (I do think its type choice for "Serenity" should be bolder and less vertically-compressed, and if chosen, they might consider using "Worldwide Charity Screenings to Support Equality Now" on two lines to allow the type to go somewhat larger. That's me as a graphic artist being tweaky.)

Nice job, everybody.

ETF: typo

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I have to say 3,4 and 5 are my favorites but the use of Chinese characters does always worry me because I wonder what they are, and I wonder whether anyone bothered to check what they mean or if the use was "ohhh pretty"...

But I think I'll vote 3 because it is the most cohesive of designs among the three I like and it would look best on a t-shirt. And there's less use of Chinese characters, making it an overall safer choice in case the selection process for the characters was really "ohhh pretty."
Yes, number 3 has my vote. Pretty awesome. Love the way they worked the 2009 numbers.
They are all so shiny, it was a tough choice. I went with #3 in the end as I thought that design would best capture the attention of the uninitiated.

Now...How long will I have to wait to get my t-shirt? :D
(Whichever design is chosen)
Oh, those are awesome! I'm very impressed by the Hirschfeld-like entry but I like more color. I'm torn.

And I see that there is no screening near me this year. I knew I shouldn't have waited so long to go.
I took into consideration what I would like in a t-shirt. It's more likely that #3 will be incorporated onto a black or gray shirt as the design originated on a gray background. Some of the others are likely to be on a black background, but there were a few that would most likely end up on a white background and I don't wear white t-shirts, so those designs didn't appeal to me as much.
Tonya J, we will be doing a screening in San Diego again this year. We (meaning me) just haven't done all the appropriate paperwork yet.
Whoot for more screenings! BTW, for those of you who are thinking of doing more screenings, Joss has given us the go ahead to screen Dr. Horrible as well for all CSTS events, because Joss is awesome! So for those of you looking for something else to draw folks in for a screening, this is a good thing. In fact, it's just good for everyone.

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