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March 04 2009

Nathan Fillion on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. Good Morning America Thursday and the View Friday.

And yeah, there will be Browncoats in the Jimmy Kimmel audience.

Awesome! I just got home from work tonight and saw this info. What a nice way to end my day!
Also Eliza is scheduled for Kimmel on 3/13.
Apparently Ray from SF will be shown in costume in a photo during the show. A SoCal Browncoat who went to the taping said she saw it/him.
I missed it. I wish I'd seen this earlier. :(

But I've set my VCR for GMA tomorrow. :)

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Nathan rocks. He was really pretty funny and very animated. You could tell he was a little nervous too. I've been saying since I saw all the behind the scenes stuff on the Firefly DVD that this was a guy made to do talk show circuits. Just further evidence that Nathan Fillion deserves to be a big star in the mainstream. Hoping his new series gets him that recognition.

Don't forget the View. Hopefully, someone will post a youtube of the Kimmel show.


Kimmel showed several Browncoat photos and a Captain Hammer photo. Also a real shiny action figure a fan made of Captain Hammer.

And Whoo-hoo! Serenity, Buffy, Halo 3, Dr. Horrible got talked about! Castle too of course!

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Caught the last half, thanks to this post. Nathan's high energy seemed to be infectious with Kimmel, they both seemed to be enjoying themselves and Nathan seemed relaxed and eager to entertain. This new show looks like it will showcase Nate's abilities more than what he's done since Firefly/Serenity; probably will be the thing most people will know him for now, if it's a hit.
What about the View? Is Nathan on the View today?

Okay, no, It's Friday. DVR is set.

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Loved the Capt. Hammer action figure. So cute!
I had to watch this twice. He was just so adorable. So refreshing for Kimmel to talk about his Sci Fi fame!! Yay, Nathan!
I love the idea of Nathan and his Halo buddies doing voices for Halo 3 and then playing the game only to be confused by the voices from the game.

"Did you say something?"
"Was that you?"

For those who are not gamers most people who play Halo wear headsets while playing, so they can talk to other members of their team. Now throw in the fact they are also doing voices in the games, let the confusion insue.

His segent is on You Tube: You Tube Linkage
I hate how Kimmel can't pass up the opportunity to make fun of the geeks. Because we're all just socially awkward adults living with our parents apparently. But Nathan was great and funny, as always.
He was adorable on The View today... I knew deep down, he was a cat guy. :) Also great clip of Dr. Horrible, which I now of course, must run off and watch again.
I thought that Kimmel taking shots at the guys in the fan pics was pretty cheap since Kimmel isn't exactly some slim & trim George Clooney lookalike himself. Not to mention the fact that sci-fi fanboys can hardly hold a candle to the sort of fratboy freaks that The Man Show targeted.

But Nathan was funny.
He told the same story on The View and Kimmel, so Huffington Post put up a little story to make fun of that, with video from both. Their snark is the internet's gain. Also the comments are a treat over there. The consensus seems to be that Nathan is so pretty he can tell whatever story he wants.

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