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March 04 2009

Gina Torres Lands Role in CBS Pilot. She's to be part of Washington Field, which is about a group of FBI expects who respond to cases that theaten national interests. She'll be a rapid-deployment team coordinator and tactical pilot.

This would be her first TV show since Standoff on Fox three years ago. .

You know I had just been thinking that she should be in this. It's by the same people as Criminal Minds, and Gina was kind of wasted in the episode she was in. I'll have to watch this now.
She's going to be a Pilot? That's both good and Ironic, donchathink?
Well, that idea sounds refreshing old. Still, Gina, so I'll probably end up giving it at least a try.
I'll check it out for Gina. Worried a bit because the idea does feel overused. However, perhaps if the characters have depth and a sense of humor it could make it. Gina does like to play strong women roles. I can't imagine her playing the victim.
From some random comments I've seen on on Deadline Hollywood Daily, apparently the script for this has recived some pretty good buzz, so fingers crossed. But also CBS only has room for three to four new programs - also from DHD.

See, I can't see that TLA without thinking: Dial Home Device. Damn you, Stargate! ;)

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