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March 05 2009

(SPOILER) The first 13 minutes of the CASTLE pilot. Courtesy of, preview the first 13 minutes of the pilot episode before the March 9th premiere (USA only)!

You can even watch in high quality. Woo-hoo!

Ah, if only it were available over in the UK...
I am decidedly not a fan of the continual condensing of the central message of shows with each successive advertisement. In the last half minute of this clip, the montage of the same pilot scenes with which I fell in love two months ago now merely irritated me, so rapidly did they flash past.

That having been said, the show looks as though it has a lot of potential, and I'm looking forward to seeing it - if I can get past the attention deficit-targeted marketing.
I read a lot of murder mysteries and watch a lot of procedurals, but this doesn't look promising. No fault of Mr. Fillion.

I wouldn't expect Mr. Fillion to turn down the lead in a network series. But the writing is hackneyed, the cinematography pedestrian, the character depth like unto Nash Bridges without the good humor, and the setting nothing special. The girl was given a daughter-father remark that I found beyond the pale even for the teen daughter of a crime writer.
I think I like it. Nathan and Stana have delightful chemistry, and as long as they have that, everything else will fall into place. Obviously Castle isn't going to be like your usual murder mystery or procedural. But I thought that was the point.
"Ah, if only it were available over in the UK..."

Or Canada!
"Ah, if only it were available over in the UK..."
Or Canada!

Or Italy!! =_=
Oh, I thought it was charming. I'll definitely tune in on Monday.

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"Ah, if only it were available over in the UK..."
Or Canada!
Or Italy!!

...or Australia!
Pretty ho-hum, though of course Writer Tightpants is as likable as always. The dialog between the cops at the crime scene was just painful, though.
Personally I just loved the title sequence:

Fade in:
Fade out:

It looks like they did it on Windows Movie Maker.
But I'll probably tune in anyway.
It's nice to see ABC really advertising this show. And it's on right after the premiere of Dancing With The Stars. They've done a lot of promotion of the show with talk shows, ads, and even commericals before the previews in movie theaters. It looks pretty and you know Nathan will bring the charm. Whether it lasts, I don't know. Although procedurals seem to be doing very well right now that isn't any guarantee. Hope it sticks.
I set up my season pass for this show a week ago. I'll watch it, mainly because of Nathan. I probably would have checked it out anyway, since I record almost every show on tv anyway. However, unlike a lot of shows that I stop watching after a few episodes because they don't click for me, I'll keep watching for the Nathan fix.
"Ah, if only it were available over in the UK..."
Or Canada!
Or Italy!!
Or Australia!

Or Spain!
"Ah, if only it were available over in the UK..."
Or Canada!
Or Italy!!
Or Australia!
Or Spain!

And Brazil is always in these lists of "Don't get gifts" .
5 minutes was all I could bear, Nathan or no. Still, I wish the show well for his sake.

Well, unless a nameless billionaire comes a long and says he's willing to fund a renewed Firefly series...
Would a nameless billionaire always have to use a Swiss account? That would seem potentially suspicious. Then again, who's gonna' get a warrant to search his house? What would it say?
It's a bit trite, IMO, but it's only the first episode's first few minutes. You really do have to give a new series a handful of episodes before you can judge it. Plus, it's Nathan. Nathan's charm alone could get me to watch a series. He's just that good.
Anyway, isn't it obvious that the murderer is Alan Ball?
My retired Mother will probably love Castle! As for myself, I'm really not into the light hearted "Murder She/He Wrote" type of shows. I prefer cop shows more gritty and serious. Kinda OT, but has anybody heard about a new film called "Milo" Alexis Denisof has signed on to do?
"Ah, if only it were available over in the UK..."
Or Canada!
Or Italy!!
Or Australia!
Or Spain!

AND Ireland!
I thought it was very charming and funny, though that doesn't seem to be the popular opinion here. Without having seen much, obviously, I see his mother and daughter being v. amusing secondary characters, and I am nothing if not an advocate for the procedural. I think it has great potential, and I hope that's not just the Fillion giddiness talking.

Plus (as much as I've love it) we've been making excuses for a show for weeks that has done nothing to grab me as quickly as Castle did in those thirteen minutes. I am by no means saying that it will be a better show, just that it's a more likable show. Maybe that makes me commercial and vapid, but there you have it.

It's nice to watch something that will be charming & funny. My other shows are Dollhouse, BSG, T:SCC & LOST, so it will good to watch something not so 'dark & angsty'. I watch Chuck but I guess I need a little more light & funny in my week.

I gave up on Heroes......
I'm looking forward to a little charming & funny. Sure, it could turn out to suck. But it could also turn out to be hilarious like the first season of Moonlighting or Moon Over Miami.

Spacey, Funny you mention giving up on Heroes - I just finally gave up on it this week too and dumped my Tivo season pass for it.
Yeah, I just dumped all the Heroes episodes on my DVR but kept all the 'Bob the Builder' shows. Go Figure.....

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So far, from the commercials I have seen of Castle, it reminds me a little bit of Moonlighting which was one of my all time favorite shows. If that is the type of show they are going for, I think I will really enjoy it, but I hope the writers are as talented as the writers of Moonlighting were. Great writing will make all the difference in the world. I hope it does well because I couldn't be happier that Nathan Fillion has a lead role in a series. He is wonderful!
Little Green Kid,

Kinda OT, but has anybody heard about a new film called "Milo" Alexis Denisof has signed on to do?

I found this link posted on livejournal, but other than that I can't find anything. I hope it goes through! I miss Alexis!

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