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March 05 2009

(SPOILER) Ausiello has Dollhouse scoop. Somewhere in the middle is the Dollhouse bit. Beware of lots of spoilers for other shows.

Now, what he describes sounds a lot like "Echoes", episode 7. Which was supposed to air March 27th. But he talks about April 3rd. Does this mean Dollhouse skips a week? Back then "Echoes" was still on for March 27th and the sweeps.
Gosh, sounds pretty exciting.
Not really a spoiler though, is it?
wiesengrund, good question. Maybe Ausiello has it wrong? Either that or the episode order is gettin' funky again.
Maybe they're going to play a repeat for the BSG finale? Hopefully?
I was checking my DVR schedule and it has Dollhouse scheduled for Saturday at midnight in two weeks- not friday... this doesn't seem like a good sign to me. Hopefully it's a mistake.
There's another report on FOX's forum: "My Tivo has no Dollhouse episode scheduled for March 13th".

marymary, where abouts do you live?
My DirecTV DVR shows "True Believer" airing on Friday 3/13 at 9:01pm. Is it possible a local event is pre-empting it in your market?
That's my thinking, zeitgeist. Next week's episode is definitely still on the schedule according to FOX's website.
So I was buying the new SFX today and the guy at the check-out counter got to talking with me about Dollhouse and offered his take on the series: he thinks that Echo is, ready for this, really Faith, and that DH is actually a link to the Buffyverse! Now, I disagree with him, but I like his thinking. :-) He figured, Echo has really sort of super powers, which might not be due to the programming, the leader is a British lady, and he thinks the Faith/Giles ep in the comic S8 will split them apart so that Faith later ends up in the DH. Just food for a bit of discussion.
Spoiler alert: that's completely wrong. She will get very angry, though.
The checkout guy was an active, Dana5140! He's trying to throw you and Paul Ballard off the trail!
Next time on Dollhouse... Paul beats up a checkout clerk for information!
Okay, that's ridiculous. But it would be AWESOME.
Am I the only person who doesn't want her to be Faith?
Me, neither. But the joy of this was, I was buying the SFX, and he asked me if I watched DH. Out of the blue. I said yes, we got to talking, and he offered up. I think it is a novel idea, if completely wrongheaded, but I bet you there is a fanfic buried there....

And for some reason, the check-out guy told me his name was Foxtrot. Weird name...

Although I don't think it's mind did flow that way in "Ghost" when Echo was saying something along the lines of "I was just trying to take my place in this world, like she said".
Seattle has an ep scheduled for 3/13. So I think that the local programming theory holds.

As they say "check your local listings". If they "make good" which is what one local person said to me about a Buffy ep once, it could be aired any time in the local area - I think the Buffy make good was on a Sunday afternoon at like 3 or 4.
Obviously, it would be totally weird and lame if she were Faith. But it would be a remarkable twist if all of this were happening in the Buffy universe. As if it were a whole season of Buffy told from the perspective of the Big Bad.
And then say, Spike books himself a doll for a little 'company', and who should show up but Faith!

Sorry, it's never gonna happen...
Funny thread- I like the crossover idea- sounds like fanfic. Think he was serious?

Gossi- I live in Central VA. Maybe there's a basketball game or something. Our networks around here tend to do whatever they want!

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