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March 05 2009

(SPOILER) 50 Most Eligible Men according to Buddy TV. I count three Whedon alumnists and one current cast member in this list. Not a deep post, but who doesn't like looking at cute guys? Potential spoiler for Dollhouse.

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#20 Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse)
Age 33
Status: ?

He's now starring on the new series Dollhouse as FBI agent Adelle DeWitt...

Seriously. XD

Just saying.

EDIT: I just cut that whole bit out.

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Whoa. Good thing I'm at work and restrained myself from clicking the link.

I'm guessing the spoiler would be Alpha.
(nevermind, it's gone now. and, don't worry about it. it's a hazard I've come to expect!)

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Sorry, I was editing and then trying to make the spoiler thing work. Grr.
Thanks for changing that, druzilla. Added the spoiler tag too - although too late for me, alas.
Sorry. I realized after I posted that I should have put in the visible line. Still getting used to this thing.
But my point in posting that quote is they totally messed up character names. Which both annoyed and amused me when I saw it earlier today. XD

And not even two male characters, but one male and the other female. I mean, just a simple mistake maybe but still I wonder how you can make one like that? It's a female name!
So Tahmoh Penikett made #20. I wonder if he'd make a list like this in a magazine, if Dollhouse increases in popularity.
I hate wading thru long lists....
Sarahi: But did you notice what they called his Dollhouse character?
It's painful to see the misinformation, but altogether a good list. The Lee Pace mention made me smile. :)
Although what bugs me about the my opinion, people who are in relationships really shouldn't be included as an "eligible" bachelor. The question marks were even sketchy for me.

Anyways, enough nitpicking. Even with a question mark, James Kyson Lee's inclusion made me happy. I adore him as Ando.

(Does anyone else think Brendan Hines looks like David Krumholtz in that picture?)
I LOVE Ando. Well, when I did watch Heroes. lol. XD

And heh, love that Jensen Ackles was nr. 1 and Jared Padalecki was nr. 2. lol.

But yeah, it's a lil silly.
So the spoiler is that Ballard and DeWitt are the same person? The dollhouse is even stranger than I thought.
No, I think the spoiler is the .
JCS, so if Ballard is DeWitt, then DeWitt is Ballard???
But then why would they send Victor to keep him of their scent? XD

This is very interesting. Hmm. lol.
HowlingLupe - are you thinking this is another Ben-is-Glory trope?
I was sad Christian Kane wasn't on the list. Surprised more than anything that Zachary Quinto wasn't there. Half those guys I've never even heard of.
Baxter - It just amuses me is all. Stuff like 'so and so are the same person' calls back the hilarity of the Ben-Is-Glory fiasco of Buffy Season 5 for me. ;)
Well, you see, druzilla, Ballard doesn't know, so they had to send Victor to throw him off the trail. Eventually he'll wake up wearing DeWitt's dress & heels. Then he'll start to figure it out.
druzilla, Jensen is #1 but they have Jared as #3, number 2 is Milo ;)

If you ask me, Seth should've been way up in the list!
I think Ballard's was included in his first character description back in the days. It was changed during the hiatus, since they changed some significant bits about his arc. Maybe BuddyTV just found an old character description and the retooled storyline doesn't go that way at all.
Maybe Tahmoh was originally cast as Adele. ;)
Since Nathan's on the list - I was just watching The View, and they gave everyone in the audience a copy of Dr. Horrible. Cool!
Alec Baldwin???? Yeah, a real catch for women into guys who call their own daughters "stupid little pigs."
BB, I agree. They lost me at Alec Baldwin, who's miserable in various ways.

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