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March 05 2009

Buffy Reunion DVD Available for Purchase From Paley Center. The Buffy Reunion from PaleyFest is available for purchase at and will also be available at the PaleyFest 2009 event.

This is a direct link to the item in the shop and this is a trailer.

Uploading a couple of stills to our flickr account.

Los Angeles, CA—The Paley Center for Media announces the long-awaited DVD release of its 2008 PaleyFest Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion panel. The DVD captures the once-in-a-lifetime reunion event presented live on stage before a sold-out audience in Hollywood. A decade following the series premiere, creator Joss Whedon joins cast members Sarah Michelle Geller, Seth Green, Amber Benson, Nicholas Brendon, Charisma Carpenter, Emma Caulfield, James Marsters, and Michelle Trachtenberg along with series writer/producers David Greenwalt and Marti Noxon for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at one of the most revered, iconic, and deconstructed television series of all time.

Priced at $19.95 each, the DVD is available now exclusively online at and will also be available at the Cinerama Dome at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood for the duration of this year’s PaleyFest09 (April 10-23). This DVD features an introduction by show creator/executive producer Joss Whedon; behind-the-scenes anecdotes by Sarah Michelle Geller, Seth Green, James Marsters, and other participating cast members; fan questions to the participating panelists; and PaleyFest08 backstage photos and video. All proceeds from the sale of these DVDs benefit the Paley Center.

Any word on wether this is region coded?
I'll ask. If its the same as the giveaway version from BestBuy, then it's R1.
It's via Createspace, basically the same on-demand Amazon-owned operation Dr. Horrible used.
It says DVD-R. Those don't have a region code.
No, but the info you burn to them might.
Someone might want to tell Paley or Createspace that it doesn't appear on your credit/debit card statement as CREATESPACE the way they say (I can't remember if it's Createspace or Paley that claims this). It shows up on mine as CUSTOMFLIX LABS INC.
Ordered! Can't wait!
This isn't the same as the Best Buy DVD, is it? I don't remember any back stage footage.
Well Ill take my chances and hopefully e very happy!
For those who ordered, how much was shipping?

The website says:
We do not currently post shipping & handling rates on our website, because costs vary depending on destination, the shipping speed, and the quantity of items ordered. For exact shipping rates for your order, simply go through the checkout process on the CreateSpace website. Shipping costs will show before final confirmation of your order and before charges are made to your credit card.

But I dont want to put my credit card info "out there" to find out the shipping fee. I also assume this means it's like 12 or more dollars.

Also, anyone know about run time?
I think the run time of the panel was about 1hr 25 mins.
I just ordered mine and shipping to Canada was $11.80.
Economy shipping for me was like $2.99. (And now the site won't let me log in to my account.)
Yeah, the BB DVD was 85 mins.
I can't bring myself to pay that for something I saw live and already have a free copy of...bonus footage or not.
I can bring myself to pay that for something I didn't see live and don't have a free copy of, bonus footage or not. ;)
Thanks for the shipping feedback guys...I'd love to watch this but General Electric just got busted down to Corporal Electric... and that means every dollar will be painfully scrutinized before being spent.

At least I'm not living in Sunnydale. Here in the the real world they don't kill you, they just take your life savings and make it worthless. (going to cry now)
b!X, I wish I knew you didn't have a copy. I have an extra one...or five...lying around. I could have sent you one.
i got free dvd coverage from BestBuy, that's enough for me :)
That's okay, I'm supporting Paley with my purchase. It's all good. Thanks for the thought, though.
Ordered...eventhough I complained mightily when this was NOT offered freely.
I'm not sure why one would somehow expect it to be offered freely.
There are a lot of people who don't have a copy of this. Looks like I'm going to remain one of them. $20 + shipping is really not in my budget.
Yikes, almost $12 to Canada? Anyone from Europe order yet?

I fear this may be too much money for me to get what is basically a burned DVD-R with-a-few-extra-bells-and-whistles. Anyone know what the life-span of these dics is? I'm pretty sure they're (much) less lasting than normal factory DVD's (one of the few fears I have regarding my Dr. Horrible DVD, however nicely packaged and pressed it looks).

On the other hand: Buffy reunion DVD! It's sorta an essential purchase in some ways.
I don't think the Best Buys in Canada got the free Paley Reunion disc, I checked back when the freebie was announced. Anyone else up here check ?

I liked what was said about "The Witch". Maybe they've said that about it before, I forget. So many interviews and dissections over the years, some of it gets jumbled. With the respectful attention that was given to Amy when she did appear in the series, I'm eager to see if she'll be fleshed out better in the comics.
Adding another question to the pile -
For those that got the Best Buy DVD, did it have subtitles or closed captioning on it?
Good question, EFP8. *quickly checks*. Unfortunately, it looks like the answer is no subtitles/CC on the Best Buy DVD. It's completely bare bones - the only option on the start-up menu is "Play" . . .

"Unfortunately, it looks like the answer is no subtitles/CC on the Best Buy DVD."

I have to assume it's gonna be the same on the Paley DVD. That, plus the $20 price tag... Thanks, but no thanks.

[ edited by QuanticoMVP on 2009-03-06 05:45 ]
Booooo :( I agree that it's not worth it without some sort of captioning. If anyone gets their Paley DVD and it's included, please let us know.
Being from Canada as well over 30 is a lot and makes me super torn since funds are tight these days. Is this worth the money? Quality-wise, unlike the other panel cams you can actually hear everything that's said right?
To Kris:
Best Buy Canada did offer the DVD as a bonus item if you purchased a boxset of Buffy or Angel seasons. They also sold it for $4.99 without the boxset. The item went on sale about two weeks after the American offer. I was able to get a copy at my local Best Buy in Alberta. They had about a hundred copies at the store I was in. I have not seen any other copies in the store since that time. It may be worth while asking if anymore are in stock -- hiding in a storage room. The deal was not very well advertised in the fliers or in the store at the time. Good luck with your search.
just found it on and its multi-regional woohoo!
Where did you find it on Amazon? I see the BB Promo Disc, which is R1, on Amazon.
Mine just shipped.
You need to scroll down a little further and then you'll find it. easy mistake, i did the same i had to look twice
Mine just arrived. Already. And that was using the $2.99 economy shiping.
FWIW, the top-level menu screen (if this helps anyone regarding comparing this to the Best Buy thing) has: Intro, Panel Discussion, Photos, Backstage Video, and About the Paley Center as the options.
Doh, would've been cheaper to buy through Amazon, especially for Prime-ers :).
The backstage video thing starts with a bunch of watching actors pose for photographers in front of Paley backdrops. It's kind of stupid, although that might be because I hate watching photogs shouting at actors to turn this way, turn that way, look over here.
Can someone tell me about the extras taht are on thsi disc but not the best buy disc? Detailed please, so I know if it's worth getting.

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