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March 05 2009

Eliza Dushku's Best of L.A. Eliza lists her favorite places to go in LA.

Wonder how long they'll be her favorite places after people read about them.

Funny, I just made plans to go to Hugo's this Sunday. It is really tasty. Maybe I'll see Eliza. Rambutan Thai is also yummy. Girl's got taste.
Why the "helk" did I read that. Even if I'm ever in LA again, it's not like I could afford the places she goes :-).

And what is it with tiny women and big dogs? Doesn't SMG have an Akita? I'd be leery walking from the other direction on the same sidewalk *grin.
I've been to the Laurel Canyon Country Store! It has an "English" section that sells Mars Bars (American chocolate is terrible), Marmite, PG Tips Tea and so on so I went there to get supplies when I was in LA last year. I told them they should do "English" Coca Cola because the US stuff is made with corn syrup instead of sugar and tastes as bad as their chocolate. They did do the Mexican bottles which are okay. Didn't know there was a restaurant underneath the shop.

Laurel Canyon is such a cool place. Jim Morrison used to live just behind the store and the whole area was home to some of the greatest musicians of the sixties and seventies.

And re the "Big Dogs" question, maybe "Stalker Issues" might have something to do with it. If I were living in LA with (possibly) crazy stalkers around I'd feel safer with a German Shepherd at my side.

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American chocolate is, generally speaking, pretty poor. Although I'm not sure I'd offer Marmite as an example if I were trying to demonstrate my refined taste-buds . . . I love it myself, but I've yet to meet a single American (who didn't actually grow up in the UK or Australia) who can stand even the smell of it.

My stepfather owned a place up on a hillside in Laurel Canyon in the late 60s when it was still quite undeveloped - a bugger of a place to get to, though. I'm not one for hair-raising driving just to fetch a pint of milk from the store.
I know what you mean SNT, I gave a jar of Marmite to an American girl I know and she asked me why I was trying to kill her.
I am an American. I was introduced to Marmite decades ago, learned to like it and keep a jar in my cupboard. I am not a fan of Vegemite, for what that is worth. I also have made the effort to locate quality brands of American chocolate (Ghirardelli comes to mind, though lately I've been mixing my own.)
I'm American and I love marmite :-) Just a very thin layer though, on toast. A friend mailed it to me, thinking I'd hate it. I also agree about English chocolate being far superior, at least to Hershey's chocolate (which tastes like wax, in my opinion). Ghirardelli chocolate (from San Francisco) is amazing though.

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ShanshuBugaboo Probably 'cause it is wax. Ever read the ingredients?

Now, Ghirardelli, on the other hand, is pure heaven. I wish I could afford a's been too long. I first had it when I was living in CA w/my aunt - she lived in Mill Valley, just an hour north of The City. We dined in Ana Mandara, a Vietnamese fusion restaurant owned by Don Johnson & Cheech Marin - it's tucked away on the corner of the block the factory is on.

And...apologies, but "marmite" looks like marmot, which always makes me wonder "How come they wanna eat a woodchuck?"
I suddenly need a transcript of the Howard Stern show interview... anyone hear it? Howard Stern, as much as I don't care for his show, is a great interviewer.
I think how good chocolate, and coke, and anything else tastes is just a matter of what you grew up with. I grew up on American milk chocolate and corn syrup coke, so that is what tastes better to me.

In fact, most European food does not taste very good to me as I am sure most American food doesn't taste good to Europeans. It has nothing to do with quality though, just ingredients and their quantities.

This reminds me of a bar fight I once had to participate in because a guy thought his German beer was best and another guy disagreed and said American beer was best. Unfortunately one of them was my friend and I had to help him out when the other guys friends joined in.

Why can't people just accept that other people have different likes and dislikes?

Anyway, yeah...Eliza, she likes the expensive stuff.
I to got qurious about the Howard Stern interview. Anyone heard it? Or have a link to a transcript?
Jaynes Hat, There are quite a few Americans who share my tastes in Coke. They buy up Jewish Coke, available during passover, which is made with real sugar and has a gold cap on the bottles or a gold ring around the top of the cans because it tastes so much better than the HFCS stuff. A couple of US drinks makers have announced they are going back to real sugar so Coke may follow suit.

But yes, whatever you prefer. I'm only saying what I prefer, not that I'm right and everyone else is wrong. And not all English foods are great, I hate Steak And Kidney pie and Black Pudding!
Wilhelm & Satai, you can listen to it here on youtube.
Thanks for the link ShanshuB. Entertaining interview, but mostly I was impressed by how Eliza dodged some of his questions. Is he always that sexfixated?
Yes, yes he is Satai.
I never heard his show, but in the movie Private Parts He was very explict, even simulating sex. However, I think it is most due to freedom of speech and trying to push limits. Not my tip of humor but...

which is made with real sugar

You mean beetroot sugar right?
Here, real suggar is made from suggar cane ;)

ETA: Oh, if anyone has an transcript of the interview, and more info about the Hulu/Alien video I'll be gratefull - Can't see videos here!!!

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BCM, here's the Hulu advert:
I recommend Goody's Chocolates which is located in Bend, OR. They do mail order if you don't live near one of their stores.
Thanks zz9, I wish you have a good suggar ;)

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