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March 05 2009

Actors on Jeffrey Bell's New Show Talk Island Terrors. Stars Elaine Cassidy and Christopher Gorham talk to SCI FI Wire about their forthcoming horror-mystery series (premiering on CBS in April) "Harper's Island" which is being steered by none other than Jeffrey-"Angel"-Bell.

And SCI FI Wire has additional info about the online companion series to Mr. Bell's new show.

Merged the two similar threads to save space, and edited the title to emphasize the Whedonesque content.
Sounds like it might be cool. I like how it's specifically intended to be just a 13 episode limited series and, if it succeeds, it'll presumably be a new story for the second season, maybe with new characters ?

Christopher Gorham's in it, that's a big draw (still my favorite pick for Y: The Last Man, though unless Shia Labeouf drops out or the adaptation suffers serious delays, it ain't happening). Jim Beaver too (Ellsworth from Deadwood). Richard Burgi (a staple on many Fox shows, from Firefly's "The Message" to early 24) is usually fun and intense. I don't know any of the other actors from anything, aside from one of the girls being the silent young woman from The Others (the Nicole Kidman ghost story, not the TV show).

Also sounds like the sorta thing that might lend itself far better to DVD viewing though, maybe I'll wait. See how busy April is.
Gosh, I've been out of the loop for far too long. Terrific news about Jeffrey Bell, we've so missed his stories. Looking forward to the premier.

Did I mentioned how talented Bell is with these sort of series? Read very:)
Doesn't anyone else know the Christopher Gorham/Whedon connection?

I'm really interested in this show. It's a murder mystery were really nobody is safe! Exciting.
Well, Gorham was in one of my favorite BtVS episodes ("I Only Have Eyes For You"), though that one-off appearance by itself wouldn't justify a front-page link. Still, good to see some more Whedonverse synergy.
Simon wins.

I wasn't thinking that justified a front-page link. I was just surprised that two posts here about this show hadn't mentioned that connection.
I knew, I didn't mention anything about Jeffrey Bell (though I'm thankful for his contributions to Angel and apparently he was a big driving force behind the 4th season in particular ?), concentrating on the actors instead. I just didn't think it worth mentioning Christopher Gorham's one ep of Buffy, good as he was in that bit role. Jake 2.0 is usually what springs to mind first when I think of him anyway. Mixed in there are his multi-ep roles on Felicity and the few times I've watched Ugly Betty and caught him in that too. Pretty big fan, but not enough to follow him to every project (by accident I caught the first ep of the didn't-last-a-season Medical Investigation where he was the standard nerdy/funny member of the CSI-type team, but it really wasn't my thing, very unremarkable procedural despite the lead of the show being really good in Band of Brothers and other stuff).
Okay, I hope this doesn't sound snarky... 'cause it's not meant to. If something doesn't merit a "front page link" than what's the alternative? Is there a back page around here?

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