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March 05 2009

Possession to be released on DVD in May. Hopes that Sarah Michelle Gellar's star vehicle would get a spring release to theatres have been dashed, probably due to Yari Film Group's bankruptcy this past December, and the movie will be D2DVD and Blu-Ray on 5/12/09.

I've heard the movie is one of Sarah's better horror flicks but now we'll have to wait for the DVD to find out.

Direct to DVD and direct to the Walmart 2 for $10 bin. Which is unfortunately (for her) where I find all my SMG movies these days. Deals!
Anyone but Cabri has an info about the quality of this movie?
Another one bites the dust.
I am torn. It will be bad, but it has Lee Pace in it, so I'll probably watch it anyway. SMG doesn't inspire that kind of loyalty in me.

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