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"Lilah: You're a remarkable man, Angel. Angel: Yeah, and you're an evil bitch."
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March 05 2009

(SPOILER) Five page preview of 'Angel: Blood and Trenches' #1. Written and drawn by comic book legend John Byrne, this'll be out next week.

This looks amazing. Sophisticated writing, which I expected given the story and who the writer is... but the black and white threw me. It works perfectly, though.
That is some incredible artwork. I think I will have to get this.
Wow, that's pretty. The narration sounds a little off, more formal than I think we've ever heard from Angel, but there's no way I'm missing this.
Looking forward to this.
Topolino, I thought the same thing at first. But then I remembered, this isn't the Angel we know. It's years before he'll experience any of the things that will change him as a person, so he lacks that connection to humanity. I think the formality works, for this.
Good point, patxshand, thanks! Now it won't bug me when I read it. :)
This is exciting. Love the use of black and white for the WWII era (just like an old newsreel). I have to admit I wasn't that excited about the subject when I heard about it, but these preview pages changed my mind. Can't wait to read the rest.
MacGuffin, I agree -- the premise for this story originally sounded kinda iffy to me, but I'm really impressed by the preview pages! Definitely looking forward to it now.
Loved the preview. I'll be picking this up as well. :)

At first, I thought the B&W was an "unfinished" version... until we came to the blood. Then everything clicked.

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