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March 05 2009

Repo! hits the UK. Repo will be touring the United Kingdom on March 7-12.

Tony is not scheduled to appear at the any of the screenings, at the present time, but you never know if he might pop in at one, work/time permitting.

Aye it's out on DVD here on the 9th, so that ties in well.
Fun, although the fake use of cyrillic letters is incredibly irritating when one actually reads cyrillic - complete alphabetic dissonance ensues.
I found the sideways writing just plain aggravating as well.

I highly doubt Family Video carries this. I wonder if I can sweet-talk my mother into Netflixing it for me?
I have actually found this at almost all video stores in the US ShadowQuest. They even had 2 copies at some

I recommend seeing it with an audience if you get the chance. It is much more fun. Plus they show extra stuff and have a QnA.

I do not know if any of it's traveling fans will make it to Europe though. They have one annoying girl that shouts through the whole movie and was always with them in the US. The rest are cool though and act out the scenes.

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