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March 06 2009

'Buffy: Sacrifice' released in the UK today. The Nintendo DS game is a GAME exclusive so you won't be able to buy it at the likes of or A Whedonesque poster writes "not only is it the worse Buffy game ever, it's one of the worse games I've ever played in my 17 years as a hardcore gamer".

If somebody picks this up today, please post some impressions of the game. I looked around a bit and couldn't find any release date for the US!
As far as I am aware it's only officially released in Europe.
They haven't announced a US/NAM release for it. There's always import, I guess :).
Will it play on ours though? I actually bought a dvd player that plays all regions because the Buffy and Angel dvds were released there first. Is it the same with games?
Games for the DS are region-free.
Good to know, thanks!
I thought when they said GAME exclusive they might actually have in IN Game. But no. Well, not in mine anyway!
They had it in mine - but have to confess I left it there, probably (and no doubt unfairly) because I was so underwhelmed by the Buffy game on the GBA. There are a couple of screenshots on the box but not enough to convince me at this stage - maybe when it's on sale.
I got it yesterday. And not only is it the worse Buffy game ever, it's one of the worse games i've ever played in my 17 years as a hardcore gamer.

The camera is terrible and the combat is even worse. If you get it, i hope you enjoy every bit of it because you'll be playing every little bit over and over again after dying due to the poor combat.

The graphics aren't good either, even the cartoons used in the cutscenes look weird.

The story is as bad as you'd expect from a game version of Buffy, but atleast some of the dialoge is pretty good and funny.

After dying atleast 12 times on the 5th boss, i gave up, methinks my copy will soon be on ebay.
It did look pretty bad, I think I may give it a miss. I think I'll add what you said to the subject line, I wouldn't want people to get ripped off. It's been out in France and Italy for at least a week from what I gather.
Oh wow, thanks, that feels like a big achievement here =D

And seriously, i'd rather play Quest for OZ. I managed to get a close up of Buffy's face on one level. It was reminiscent of the start of Mario 64 where you can stretch his face...
Weirdness abound when it comes to this new game... Thanks for the info, DawnLover90 and all. Guess it was too much to hope for a decent modern game after all this time.
Thank you DawnLover90! I think I'll use the $40 you just saved me to go buy the pretty Spike: After the Fall hardcover. :)

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