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March 06 2009

(SPOILER) AICN has a mini review of tonight's Dollhouse. If you don't mind a spoiler, use your cursor to highlight the space after the last *.

Too bad that there won't be no Amy. :-(
Although Sarah and Liz did not write "Not Fade Away," as the link erroneously suggests, I am glad they are writing for Dollhouse. The episodes they did write for Angel were very good. "Soulless" being one of my favorites of the series.

The writer of link has changed it from NFA to Underneath which the two did write.

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I've always been fond of Auntie Climax....
I don't. She's very excited.
How was last weeks episode anything like American Idol. If it had involved a reality show and judges I might agree, but it was a straight up Kevin Costner "The Bodyguard" homage.

That insult (it was phrased as an insult), along with getting the writer facts wrong for Angel, and being a speech Nazi about the spelling of Grey and Gray make me not really want to listen to what this reviewer has to say about anything.
Well, normally Herc loves all things Jossy, so I'm all for cutting some slack.
Yeah I'm with zeitgeist on this one. Sometimes Herc can sound a little condescending in his posts and he has been a little rough on Dollhouse, but he also is criticized often in the "talkbacks" for liking Whedon too much. I'll give him some slack...not sure how he messed up the NFA credit though.
Jayne's Hat, though I already love Dollhouse, last week's episode was not my favorite, mainly because that type of music is the same type of music that is celebrated on American Idol. It's a certain style of music that causes my insides to revolt. I appreciated the episode on many other levels, but there's a reason I don't watch American Idol, and it was weird to have that kind of music in a Joss show. To each their own though.

That said, it was only a one time thing, and God knows I have cringed at some of the bands that played in the Bronze on Buffy (the only good performance that comes to mind was Aimee Mann in season 6).

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ShanshuBugaboo, what about Cibo Matto in "When She Was Bad"?
Unplugged, I forgot about that one ;-) That was some good stuff as well.

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