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March 06 2009

(SPOILER) Eliza interviewed by Eliza talks about Dollhouse, Bring It On, Prop 8, and other things. Dollhouse Spoilers!

Thanks for the link!

I love how candid she is in her most recent interviews without going totally over the top with too much information. I especially liked her response to their question about Prop. 8 and Gov. Schwarzenegger.
Very nice interview. Loved her response to the question about Gov. Schwarzenegger.

I found her comments on Faith/Buffy interesting, given the subtext and especially since the shooting script for Enemies had a kiss between the slayers in it.
I didn't know that Eliza was in True Lies. I really don't get how people can pick on her name. There are too many people with names that are harder to read and/or pronounce.

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How serious are the spoilers?
Snot, there are some specifics about several of the personas Echo becomes and the engagements she is sent on that I hadn't read before.

Very good read, though. And it was refreshing to find an interviewer who asked decent questions of her, and seemed to grasp the gist of Dollhouse with no problem, even relating the premise to Eliza's life experiences as someone who grew up an actor.
sarahi; In "The Biz" there is always someone who'll pick on a name that's anything outside what I call "your regular Smith, Jones or Blackwood." But we have people like her and Charisma and others (all the way back to John Schuck) who stand up to it.

"Photgraphed the differences between us before anyone else noticed...." okay, I guess I'll just have to say I don't get it. And don't quote any critcs who supposedly do at me, please.

As to Arrrrrrnie, I've heard he can be great to get aliogn with, whatever his faults. But I don't think governors can do much about constitutional amendments.

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