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March 06 2009

See Joss Whedon in 'This American Life' - the stage show. The radio programme will be performed on stage on April 23rd and sent live to select movie theatres and performing arts centers around the US. Joss will be making a special appearance and fans will be pleased to hear that tickets can now be purchased online.

I'm not sure, $20 and time delayed... I would rather go earlier when it would be airing live. But at least it will be a theater near me!
I dunno - I love Joss but I really do not like Fathom Events.

This should be on PBS.
I think my heart just stopped. "This American Life" + Joss?! YAAAY!!!
I'm with obsessed, Ira and Joss together in the same place? WOW. Count me in. Also it's my anniversary, so I'll drag the hubbie...
Awesome! I think the movie theater down the street normally carries these events.

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