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"When I talk about belief, why do you always assume I'm talking about God?"
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March 06 2009

Joss talks Dr. Horrible and the future of television. He tells, "expanding the idea of what can be done on the internet is something that I have just begun to explore". We also find out what's on his iPod.

Oh my GOD. He listens to Regina Spektor?? I heart this man even more.(I'm going to ignore the Fallout Boy part)
I think I just verbed a noun.

He verbed verb. Not even Shakespeare dared this feat.

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Actually he apparently said "I think i just verbed a grown."

Ha ha! I totally potato that!
Fall Out Boy has amazing turns of phrases in their lyrics. I love the way they mess with language. It's fantastic. It's what I listen to when I write.
Great to see that Joss is aware of the awesomeness that is "Let the Right One In", as should be all of you. Best movie I've seen in many years.
Yeah, I'm gonna defend Fall Out Boy as well. I tend to think of myself as a pretty huge music snob, and I usually try not to bring up the fact that I like FOB so that I don't lose any of my indie cred, but Fall Out Boy write mad lyrics. And their songs are wicked catchy and powerful energetic.

Seriously, if you're looking for good modern pop music, you can't really do much better.
I think the future of television is the resurgence of broadcast television. With the digital switch and the economic downturn I know many a people who are dropping cable all together and just going with over the air broadcast. Future being the near future at least.
Holy crap, Joss referenced Radiohead. My two obsessions meet at last (I've lost count of the number of times that I've fantasised about Radiohead writing the soundtrack to a Joss Whedon movie)

Fall Out Boy is beyond defending
doyn,"I think the future of television is the resurgence of broadcast television" unless you're a fan of reality shows this is just crazy talk, intelligent drama is dead on broadcast, to few viewers, not enough ad money to pay for it since more and more people do the DVR/Tivo/XX thing and avoids the ads in the process.

ETA: Nice to hear that Joss liked the "Let the right one in", those who haven't should try the book "The girl with the Dragon tattoo" or as is the original title "Men who hate women". The heroine is pretty much Buffy if her superpower was computers and didn't grow up in Sunnydale :)

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Yeah for Passing Strange! It's probably the most amazing music from a Broadway show I've heard in years. It's been in frequent rotation for me ever since I first heard it.

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