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March 06 2009

GeekSix names Firefly as the show to bring back. In a list of "top five shows to bring back", our favorite Browncoats end up on top.

Aside from this entry, it seems as if they have a couple of Browncoats on staff. Other entries include other Whedony projects like Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible's.

I couldn't agree more.
Who wouldn't want to see Firefly brought back? Unfortunately, that's not going to happen...not as a Live Action TV show anyway. Not with the principle actors having moved on to other projects. I cannot speak for anyone else, but, sadly, I've come Accept this loss and have tried to move on.

However, what's to stop it from coming back as an Anime series? Japanese Animation coupled with the Original Actors doing voice work seems like an a workable possibility. Voice work shouldn't interfer with the various other projects the Actors are working on and its a medium Mr. Whedon has yet to conquer.

Anywho...this is what I desparately cling to (this or another movie).
I never did get why Firefly was taken off the air.
Not enough people watched it.

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