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August 29 2003

IGN Games Reviews 'Chaos Bleeds,' Awards It a 7.7/10 "If you love Buffy, get this game. If you dig action games, this one might be better served as an extended rental."

The link is for the Playstation 2 version, but reviews for the Gamecube and Xbox versions are also available.

This is a follow-up to an earlier review.

I enjoy the juxtaposition of...

Amber Benson saying many, many times in the extras section of the game how good it is due to the attention to detail.

contrast with..

The ability to dust vampires by stabbing them in the heart with a sword.

Yeah. That's some attention to detail, alright...

Fun game otherwise. Better than the first one.
I'd have to agree and disagree with you, Apotheos. So far, I've been disappointed with the game compared to the original. The Collective did such a great job on the original that it's hard for Eurocom to improve upon what they did.

I have major issues with the sequel, much of which are mentioned in the IGN review: camera placement (you're in trouble if you get stuck in a corner or along a wall), fighting engine (combos wind up hitting dead air), and collision-detection (you can stake vampires by stabbing them in the crotch instead of the heart). If Eurocom had another month or two to fix these bugs then the game would be much better but as it is, they really stand out.

So for me this game is unfortunately a step backwards. :(
I'm finding that most of the bugs you mention we're somewhat present in the original as well. Being a X-Box non-owner, I have not played the original as vigourously as someone who would, you know, have the actual game. But I have played it.

Considering the professed involvement of key Buffyverse players in the design process, I'm frankly appalled at the caliber of the inter-level narrative. Mind you I'm only 3 levels in, but the "Blood Factory" intro is nigh on retarded. I'll avoid spoilers at this point, and I have faith that anyone who views the scene in question will spot the obvious stupidities.

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