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March 06 2009

Ron Glass added to Dragon Con 09 guest list. Our favorite Shepherd makes an appearance.

Someone tickle him until he spills more on the supposed Book background comic mini.
We're pretty excited about this one as Ron was a blast back in 2007. He and Mark Sheppard had the crowd rolling all 3 days.

-Wayne H.
Dragon*Con Staff
Whedon Universe Track Director
Steve Stirling is about my favorite writer now that Anderson and Dickson died well into old age but still younger than I expected them to, durnburn 'em. Plus Alan Dean Foster and Kathy Kurtz. Sigh, nice to know old-style cons still exist. If I only lived there....
If Dragon Con is an "Old-Style Con", I am curious what a new-style con is DaddycatALSO?

I don't go to a lot of cons but they all pretty much seem the same to me except for the parties at night. Some do not have parties or events after 7pm or so. Most have creators and writers though. They just don't get the big rooms, and I doubt they ever really did.
I guess a new-style con is only TV performers..........

I went to ParaCon in '79 and Philcon in '87 and that's the sum total of waht I've done. I'm more bloviating than trying to be anyone's expert, since I'm not.

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