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March 07 2009

Auditions now open for 'Angel Between The Lines'. Brought to you by the people behind 'Buffy Between The Lines', this new fan audio drama is now doing an open voice casting call. So if you think you could do a good Connor, Darla, Gunn etc then your time has come to shine.

I've heard of the Slashdot effect, but not the Whedonesque effect :) Their server appears to be a smoking hole in the ground at the mo.
Tabz (our Joss) says the site is down due to a DNS attack on the servers :(

But auditions are open until March 21st, so check back later!
A DNS attack? Whacky fun.
It seems to be working now. :)
Annnnd we're back!

Hopefully it sticks. Actually it was a DoS attack (me and my not technical knowledge of servers). And it is Wacky Fun... lemme tell you. Having a barrage of emails when I woke up this morning was INTERESTING!
If the site goes down again and you want specific information on the auditions you can email me
Iíll definitely be giving it a go

Still want to do this. Still can't. Even if I did have a microphone I lack the technical know-how to audition.

I think it's cool folks love the shows so much they do their own "episodes."

Have fun, y'all!
Hey ShadowQuest it's really, really, really easy to do and the microphones to do so are very inexpensive (the software to record is free). We can help you out (we've helped a lot of people)! Shoot us an email, we'll walk you through it!
I have the wrong accent to audition. I was hoping for some English-accented parts, but not this time. Maybe in the future.
spooforbrains: just because they are not listed, does not mean we are not in need of them! We just like to keep a few secrets here and there. We ALWAYS will need English-accented people...
BrownCoat_Tabz Umm...where's yer email, dearie? And can a poor soul on dial-up really participate in this? 'cause...seems to me it'd take forfreakinever to upload anything. and it depends on how big your files are! At least give it a shot :D

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