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March 08 2009

Michelle Trachtenberg joins 'Marvel Super Hero Squad'. She'll provide the voice of Valkryie for the new animated series.

Someday there will be a definitive list of which particular Whedonverse actors have proved their voices for DC/Mavel animated productions.

While I don't know that Michelle would have been my first choice to provide the voice for an ancient Norse shield maiden (how great would Elisabeth Rohm be in that part?), I'm fascinated enough by the very idea to want to see it.
Speaking as someone who generally favors Marvel, it's nice to see one of the Whedon grads taking a Marvel character, as the lion's share have done DC projects, yes? This is the first I've heard of this series - do we know what heroes, other than Val, will be on the "Squad"?

Btw, they chose a bit of a va-vavoom pic of Michelle to accompany the blurb, didn't they? Not that that's necessarily a bad, just noticable.
I rarely watch these things, however they got it right with Marvel's Spectacular Spider-Man so I'll definitely be tuning in.

Also, because Greg Grunberg and Stan Lee are providing voices.
Isn't this the same show where James Marsters will be doing the voice of Mr Fantastic?

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