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March 07 2009

Christian Kane stars in "The Forlorn". The movie is based on the real events of The Donner Party tragedy. The trailer has been released, but no release date for the film as of yet.

I'm freaked out.
This is so awesome. I've been oddly fascinated with that story since I was in grade school.
Looks great.. but scary
Random fact (that I learned from Wikipedia recently) "The memory of the Donner disaster prompted Californians to fund relief teams during the gold rush. They sent men eastward along the trails to take food and water to overland emigrants, saving many lives." Makes me happy that even back then Californians knew how to respond to disaster.
Can't be any freakier than Ravenous. I love that movie to death, and take into account that graphic depictions of cannibalism in film is my achiles heal of horror. I usually can't tolerate it. I still freak out whenever anyone talks about the dinner scene in Hannibal, or if I see a comedy sketch parodying it, or I even think of it... (oh crap I just did!)

But Ravenous is brilliant, and subtexty, and quite disturbing. This one looks good, but I know I'll end up comparing it to Ravenous.

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This is going to be hard to take, if they stick to the true story. Glad to see Christian getting what looks like a good role, but I'm not sure if I could handle it.

I couldn't watch Ravenous past the point where it became obvious how graphic it was going to be (disturbing is putting it mildly, for me) & I'm another who wont watch Hannibal, mainly because of the dinner scene. But in addition to the gross-out factor (in Hannibal), I just thought it was so OTT with the bad taste (no pun intended), it was kind of a slap in the face to the classic film that spawned it.

But this is a very different situation, so I'm not sure. The true story on the history channel, several years ago, freaked me out, and not in a grossed out way. This was a real tragedy.
Well, this site says those of the Donner Party who became cannibals did not commit murder. They ate the people who were already dead. It's claimed to be a misconception that people went mad from starvation and killed others for food. I wonder how we can even know for sure. And I question the History Channel's accuracy. They've gotten fact very wrong before.
And I question the History Channel's accuracy. They've gotten fact very wrong before.
electricspacegirl | March 08, 11:32 CET

Agreed, about the History Channel. But their series on the Donner party was quite accurate, from everything I researched after watching it. They didn't claim that anyone was killed for food, they made it clear that was a misconception. (As in "Alive").

Which is why I'm thinking of this as more of a human tragedy than a gross-out factor thing. The History Channel's telling of the tale was really moving and emotionally disturbing (possibly a first for THC). ;) So I can imagine that a film, if it's well done, would be much more so.
Everybody has to put into the pot, equally. That eerily does sound like Ravenous, a movie I could take only because it was blackly humorous. Bring in real life, like the film Alive, watching a very real struggle to survive given the subject matter, is exceptionally difficult because all of your own judgments come to the fore. Like I know I could never do it. I might see it for Christian.

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