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March 08 2009

YouTube clip of Nathan Fillion on Friday's The View. Thanks Doc for twittering this. There's also a YouTube clip of Nathan Fillion on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

I promised myself I'd stop watching even clips from The View cuz while I used to like the show, it's somehow lost its class. I can't explain why. I still like Whoopi and Joy but who's the high pitched blonde on the far right there? She's annoying. And where's Meredith and Barbra?

Anyway. It's good to see Nathan Fillion getting face time on daytime TV pushing his current efforts. Granted, no mention of (the hilarious) PG PORN stint he did, but whatcha gonna do? It's AB frikkin C. They don't think their audience knows how to procreate, and they don't want to teach them.

Captain Hammer Lives!
Nathan is the main reason to watch CASTLE - and it comes across in his interviews. He charming, funny, and looks great. I think people who see these interviews (and don't already know Nathan from his Scifi work )would be interested to see him in CASTLE.

Jason Batemen? Really?
I can kinda see the Jason Bateman. I love that they gave away Dr. Horrible dvds.
I saw both interviews, and the one thing they had in common was the speeding story. The girls at the View ignored Nathan's sci-fi roots and looked at his times on One Life to Live. That shows he has roots in ABC

I will watch his new show tomorrow. While he may be good, I still have this worry Stana Katic's control-freak cop character will be a buzz-kill, especially if the show makes her look bad by making her jealous of the attention he's getting for helping the NYPD. We don't need traces of "Remington Steele" AND "Moonlighting" in this "Murder, She Wrote" rewrite.
The only reason I'm watching Castle is for Nathan.

It amused me how Kimmel talked about nerd things like Firefly and Dr. Horrible, and The View ladies talked about woman things, like Desperate Housewives and One Life to Live. Nathan has a lot of range.
I thought the interview with The View was the best of all three. Especially since they talked about Dr. Horrible & showed a clip of Capt Hammer. The conversation about DC (his cat) was a nice way for the audience to get to know Nathan a bit more.
Woman things? Really?

Nathan is adorable. I love that the speeding story was just different enough to still be funny a second time. And his cat? I'd heard him say he inherited the cat, on his MySpace page I think, but had no idea how much he loved her. Little kitty wheelchair. He's made of awesome. Thanks for the links!
As someone who has an upside down cat carrier and folding chair beside his bed for an 18-year-old cat, I love Nathan Fillion even more.
If you watched the previous interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Whoopie brought up Supernatural because she loves horror. Hopefully the day will come when she'll be talking about Cabin in the Woods.
Sadly, Nathan is being ragged on by Huffington Post for telling the speeding story during both appearances.

(edited in vain attempt to make a hyperlink.)

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Sadly, Nathan is being ragged on by Huffington Post for telling the speeding story during both appearances.

Are you kidding me? Isn't that what people do in the press circuit when they're promoting something? Good grief.
I know, esg. Most of the commenters I bothered to read seemed to agree and defend him.

As if that isn't bad enough, they don't even refer to him by name on the main page - just as "ABC Actor".
WTF??? I can't believe people are giving him this much grief over the Jason Bateman story!
When Robert Downey Jr was out working the talk shows for Ironman-- he told the same stories over and over & no one seemed to care....

electricspacegirl-- nice reply in the comments & I like you name as well :-)
Haven't we already established that the Huffington Post isn't really the best source for news? From what I've seen it's probably one of the most biased, petty, and sexist papers I've seen.
I'd tell you who the blonde is but we're not allowed to speak unkindly of people here and I'd be banned if I said what I thought. Main, but not only, reason for not watching The View in any capacity. I managed to force my gorge down for this (it was posted on Twitter), 'cause always nice to see clips of Nathan on shows, which is far and few between for me. I thought the Kimmel appearance was funnier because of Nathan's depiction of fans finally arriving at a convention being akin to an orgasm. Where does he come up with this stuff?
I doubt there's very much overlap between Kimmel's audience and The View's audience. Except for people who sought both out to see Nathan. I liked that he shared the story with both crowds.
I liked that he added the that was the deal between the policeman and Jason Bateman.
I keep meaning to go back to The Huffington Post to read ...what? When it first started I was excited about the idea of it and then I tried to actually experience it - frankly places like Whedonesque are far superior, even though for some reason recently it takes me ninety seconds to five minutes to refresh a Whedonesque page. I'm not complaining. Just saying I'm willing to put up with that but I can't even bring myself to surf back to Huffington.

Tonya J: "I'd tell you who the blonde is but we're not allowed to speak unkindly of people here and I'd be banned if I said what I thought."

Guess it's a good thing I didn't mention Rosie O'Donnell. ...dang!

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