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March 08 2009

King of the Castle. The Reading Eagle talks to Nathan Fillion about his own inner child, which he reports is "still pretty rambunctious."

Does sounds like a spectacular role for Nathan. The previews of the show looks promising. Wishing him the best!
Nathan is having fun! And we are going to have fun watching him have fun! Whoo-hoo!
The show looks so good that I'd watch it even if Nathan wasn't in it.
Brew Bunny; Interesting choice of paper; are we local-ish to each other? (I was raised in Kutztown and moved back there during the 90s, been in Allentown since '02.)
I'd disagree that this is the best role of his career to date after a fairly thankless stint as Dana Delany's philandering husband on ``Desperate Housewives".

Both Captains are better suited. But I think this series will flourish, which is the happiness I want for Fillion.
DCA, I'm actually out on the West coast and had come across the link while looking on Google for the show's start date. But it's a funny bit of kizmet with you being out there since my husband grew up just outside of Reading and went to school in Kutztown! He's been out here now for more than 20 years, but we still get back there to visit family every few years. And to stock up on Goods potato chips too. :-)

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