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August 24 2002

Welcome to Sunnydale, Father Ted. "America! Mrs Doyle! They’re transferring me to America!"

Probably one of the best and funniest crossovers I've read in ages.
I guess one would have to have heard of this 'Father Ted' show to see the humor in that.

Now you know what would be an awesome crossover? If the priest from Braindead came to Sunnydale. "I kick ass for the LORD!" (link is to wav file, here's a video link too)

[ edited by toddster on 2002-08-24 22:23 ]
man, i haven't watched Father Ted for a really long time... you can see it on CBC TV (Canada) and it rocks. the story really made me laugh. you might be able to see it on Bravo or some non-mainstream/international cable/satellite channel...

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