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August 30 2003

(SPOILER) Big Fang Theory Shawna Malcolm on the set of AtS (TV Guide Aug. 30th, 2003)

Who's Shawna Malcolm? Ya got me. For those too lame to click the link, revelations in this article include further talk of Gellar making a two episode appearance for sweeps, hints of power struggles among Marsters & Boreanaz "Remember it's CALLED Angel," and another possible explanation of why Carpenter got the short end of the stick. To keep Angel around for season five, Mutant Enemy had to lighten things up and get away from the darker plotline of the past two seasons. Oh. And they had to slice some one thing from the budget.

I wouldn't take the power struggle thing to heart. Sounds more like a half-hearted joke warped into a good (ie. catty) way to end an article.
Yeah, the last paragraph seemed like a lame attempt by TVGuide to court controversy. Love how they didn't bother to quote any of the nice things DB and JM are always saying about one another. Blech. Very unimpressive. And my goodness, chock full of spoilers!
" "We'd like to do arcs with both Cordelia and Connor," he says cryptically. But let's not be coy here : It's Cellar (sic) the fans really want. "

People who watch the show might want that. But I don't think the a lot of the *fans* are all that keen.

Buffy on AtS could be fun if Cordelia were there too.
If anyone already hasn't read the article they should check out Charisma Carpenterís comments to The Boston Herald concerning her departure from AtS...Contrary to what Whedon and ME have divulged, Carpenter was not involved or informed concerning her imminent departure from the series...The savvy reader can go back to Whedon's early comments in May/June when he was explaining that Carpenter accepted the departure of her character as necessary and plot driven...but juxtaposed against what Carpenter said last week, explaining that she was not ready to leave and in fact seemed rather upset about not being able to finish a role which helped create the foundation of two successful series...One of these parties is not telling the truth and I am leaning toward Whedon and ME as the offending party...Let's be reasonable...If you need to drop characters to help a show survive then by all means do it...But at least be big enough to be forthright with the media and fans concerning a well loved and integral member of the Buffyverse...Whedon and ME regularly sing the praises of their viewers' intelligence, they should not be surprised when we catch them in half-truths and silly attempts to spin stories...
What evidence we have, sucks. The media is biased and undependable, preferring to err towards controversy for their own selfish ends. Still based on what little we have to go on, what it sounds like everything boils down to is money. To verify that, it'd be nice to learn what the new blood is making per episode and compare that to what Kartheiser and Carpenter were making. Did they get three actors for the same price that they had been paying two? Marsters & McNab plus a newbie for the cost of two dark and dreary characters? I'd say that's a deal.

I'm not necessarily saying that's all they could afford. I mean money as in investment into the series that they feel will wisely bring a greater return. I mean let's face it, the Heart of a Champion campaign fizzled. There's not that much of a fan base for Connor. Cordelia has 'evolved' so far away from the core of what made her a lovable bitca to just an A-1 Beeyatch. We can't tell anymore if she turned evil cuz Jasmine was driving or if Cordy honestly spent time as a higher being and learned objectively or sociopathically that Angelus has a better grip on reality than Angel. Perhaps it's best just not rattling that beehive, y'know? Maybe we should leave well enough alone. I for one wouldn't find it very entertaining. I don't really WANT to know.

They could have either spent money on bringing back those two actors and continue the Angel's Son plot arc that has for the past two seasons dragged Angel down into the mud, or they could try going in a completely new direction, lighten things up a little, and bring in fresh new blood. Should they have handled things better with Carpenter? Probably, but there really is no nice way of telling someone who has been such an integral part of the whole 'Verse for seven years that they're being put out to pasture.

What's important is the story. The show must go on. If they can tell the story without Carpenter as Cordy, so much the better. Between you, me and the wall though? I'm thinking that if they wait long enough they can bring Cordy back but Carpenter doesn't have to play her. There's ways to make that happen. Of course the fan base may storm the castle if things go that way.
"...but juxtaposed against what Carpenter said last week, explaining that she was not ready to leave and in fact seemed rather upset about not being able to finish a role which helped create the foundation of two successful series..."

Her exact words were ``I was not prepared,'' Carpenter said in a phone interview. ``I don't think you're ever prepared for that kind of situation. Seven years, that's a long time. I started that show. To not be finishing it is a pretty big deal for me."

Of course she's not jumping for joy about leaving. But that doesn't mean there's a controversy here. A savvy reader could read the various words of Carpenter and Whedon and whoever else is involved in a number of different ways. I'm pretty sure I've read everything that the next person has regarding Carpenter's departure, and I don't think anyone has to necessarily be 'not telling the truth.' The truth may be more complicated than we know, and they are only be divulging bits and pieces of it. I'm sure it's hard to judge what things are appropriate for the ears and minds of thousands of strangers and what things are best kept private. I prefer not to jump to any conclusions.
In retrospect I tend to agree with ZachsMind and forcorreo...Whatís done is done and we as audience members are not privy to all that has been said and done behind closed doors...I just make it a point to take everything JW and ME says with a large grain of salt...Donít get me started on that!

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