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March 08 2009

Morena Baccarin takes over from Jane Badler. is reporting that Morena Baccarin has landed the lead role of Anna in V.

In this reimagining of the classic mini-series from the 80's, Morena is taking the role of Anna, which appears to be similar to Jane Badler's iconic Diana from the original.

Filming is slated to begin in Vancouver on March 18th.

Still not sure how they can turn the miniseries into a full show, but I'm glad Morena is getting work. This is an ABC production, yeah? ABC having Nathan and Morena...sounds good.
Yup, it's ABC.

I just hope the show is a worthy successor to the original :)
Still not sure how they can turn the miniseries into a full show...

The same way they did it in the 80s?
It's being done by the people that did 4400 so I'm optimistic. 4400 for the most part was well done. I'm now looking forward to this even more.

And for the record, Morena Baccarin is a so much better choice than Famke Janssen. Morena Baccarin telling the world she is kind and benevolent alien in human form, I'd buy that. Famke Janssen, not so much , I still see her as that evil KGB agent from Golden Eye.
It's a Warner Bros production for ABC.
It looks good... I'm happy for Morena.
I'm glad for her. She will get a lot of exposure.
The same way they did it in the 80s?

You mean how just about every week somebody in the resistance got captured and taken to a base ship and then made a daring and implausible escape? I kind of hope not, cause I thought that started to wear thin after a while.

Still, am very excited to have Morena in town so that I can have a new and exciting BDH to possibly run into at the IHOP.
She certainly deserves it.
Morena deserves to run into AlanD at the IHOP?
Cool. I didn't even know they were doing this! The moment in the original when the half breeds were born was one of the first *gasp* moments I ever had!

And years later I heard Anthony Edwards telling a story about a particularly hard day on the set of ER. It was during the first series and one of my fav ER episodes. A woman who is almost to term comes in with pains, Dr Green thoroughly checks her out and gives her the all clear.

Half hour after she's released she collapses and when she comes back in he fights complication after complication in an attempt to save the baby & the mother. It was an absolutely heart rendering episode and Anthony Edwards was telling a talk show host how difficult it was to shoot because every scene was so tense.

So one of the top make-up guys got together with Anthony to give the crew a surprise. Just as the mother gives birth and Dr Green pulls out the baby ...

He pulled out the green baby alien from V! The top make-up guy on ER was the top make-up dude on V and he still had the model that was used for the series. Apparently it worked a treat. Everyone screamed their heads off and then laughed for like an hour afterward.
My memory from the time of the original series is playing charades and an idiot friend of mine chose "V" to mime.
Yeah, that took a long time....

Anyhoo, here's looking forward to seeing Morena wearing those tight costumes and eating mice.
It's genre, I'll take it (Scott Wolf? Hell yeah). And I'm sure Morena will be lovely in all the scenes where she doesn't take her human costume off.
It's been a long time since I watched the original, but I remember embracing it with every chamber of my geek heart. And if memory serves, this is a pretty meaty part, isn't it?

Morena will knock it out of the park.
I'm suddenly troubled by the thought that a "reimagined" "V" will "reimagine" its way right out of being a World War II allegory for totalitarianism through soft-touches into some mushy, banal contemporary crisis like what happened to poor "The Day The Earth Stood Still".

It also feels wrong if there's no Marc Singer or Faye Grant involvement. Use them as more stately Visitors or middle-aged humans. Hell, if they keep the Daniel subplot, they could be his parents, albeit not Jewish.

Anyway, Morena will be perfect for this.
And how about Robert Englund? Can Willie the bartender come back (er, I don't remember if he made it in the original V) - how long do alien lizards live?
missyu, here is the clip that you were talking about from ER. You can fast forward to the 0:55 second mark to get to it quicker.

If you add #t=0m55s to the link you can skip directly to that point as a kind psoter mentioned here yesterday. So, this link would do that.
This is so great. I loved "V" the first time around. I'm excited they're re-doing it. And Morena's in it? Squee!
I'm not overly optimistic about their remake of this (though, its hard to see how it could be worse *g*) - but with Morena in it, this just became must see :)
Morena deserves to run into AlanD at the IHOP?

Good God, nobody deserves that! Especially given my horrifically bad Zaboo-esque IHOP pickup line.
I'm thrilled that Morena will be starring in a show! I enjoyed V when I was a kid, but don't remember a whole lot about it, so at least I won't spend the whole time comparing one to the other. ;)
Just checking back in on the thread now and may I say


This is one of the many reasons why whedonesque rawks!!

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