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March 08 2009

NPH, Tahmoh and David! Vote for the Alpha Male on E! Kristin is having a Alpha Male Madness competition and some of the hottest Whedonverse men are competitors!

Putting Booth up against Homer Simpson? Ha! And Patrick Jane over Bill Adama? Not in my world. Some of the match ups are pretty funny though.
Alpha male? Shouldn't we have (Dollhouse spoiler) in there as well?
When trying to access this (from Europe) my browser gets stuck in a <-> redirect loop.
Can anyone else outside America not get in? Has ET gone exclusively American for votes?!
Nope, can't get in (Holland) Firefox keeps giving me a warning about the site beeing in a loop. I guess I have to resolve to a proxy.
Yeah Jamesthegill. In fact Alpha is the only true Alpha male! :-)

Of course Jack Bauer is just going to torture and kill all the other fictional characters until he is the number one fictional alpha male. Those fictional characters are all terrorists to him. :-)
I can't get in with the link. If I try to go through E, I get E Canada and it isn't there.
Some of the choices don't make sense. If it was called "coolest male," then I could understand, but "alpha" implies certain qualities that a lot of those entries don't have.
I can't vote either.. and the competition looks so crazy I really would like to participate ;-)..If anybody finds out how to do it from outside US, please share the information!!!
E!'s website hasn't worked properly for almost a year. I'm not kidding. That's how long the redirection loop thing has been there. They must be missing a fair chuck of revenue from the design fault.
I could vote.
Did you guys had the flash confirmation word?
I got the notice about how it would never connect!
I finally got in, but only by going to her home page and going from there.

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