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March 09 2009

AV Club Interviews Nathan Fillion. Great chat with Captain Tightpants. There's also a MSN article which has a video of Nathan talking about Joss and doing a Christopher Walken impression.

One of the best interviews with Nathan... EVER!
And thatís what Joss Whedon did with his project, he put the power in the hands of the storyteller. We didnít have to answer to anybody. We did it exactly the way we wanted to do it. It was a very interesting experience. When I signed the contract, it was half a page long, and it was the most fair contract Iíve ever signed.

That's the best quote I've ever seen about Dr. Horrible. I also love what he says on page two, about how Joss taught him about the hero that's not quite a hero. Thank you for this, it really is the best interview with Nathan.
NF: I donít spend a lot of time online. My motherís really good at picking out if she sees a really great review, and sheíll forward it to me. Sheís like my little Internet filter. Itís always nice to see something going up; if I want to find something on Nathan Fillion, I do know where to look, but Iíve got a nice little delivery system in my mom.

For some reason, I believe that Summer Glau said *exactly* the same thing. Am I nuts?

He taught me about bad guysóbad guys donít think that theyíre bad guys, bad guys think that theyíre heroes.

How very true.
Great interview! Can't wait to see "Castle" tonight :)

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