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March 09 2009

Remake of "Death at a Funeral". Featuring Ron Glass.

Is Ron gonna play Alan's role? 'Cause that'd be funny.

How silly. That movie had a US release, and it was only like a year ago.
How weird.
Geez, the body isn't even cold yet. I'd rather see a modernized remake of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner with Ron in the Spencer Tracy role.
They did a modern remake of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner a few years ago, with Aston Kutcher and Bernie Mac.
Except that was a comedy. Anyway, glad Ron's working but he deserves something BIG.
Ditto to everything everyone's always said. Why?
I heard quite a while ago they were remaking this, and I'm a bit leery, because I adore the original.

I don't think Ron would fit in Alan's role. Maybe the priest?
This is hilarious news.
Yeah, kinda weird to make a remake a few years after the first movie. Obviously they are going for a different take on the situation, though. The movie just seemed so British to me... don't know how this version will work out.
The movie just seemed so British to me... don't know how this version will work out.


Maybe the British thing could be the reason for a remake. They're doing a Hollywood version of the excellent "Let the Right One In", without 2 years after the original.
no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no /shialabouf
I loved the original and while it has Ron in it, I'm afraid if I watch it I'll just keep comparing it to the original and not actually truely enjoy/neutral/hate it.
Holy god it's by Neil LaBute. He's going to fill it with BEES.
I too heard about this quite a long time ago, and thought it was a joke. The original had only been on DVD for a few weeks when Chris Rock started talking about a "remake", as if it was something from the "Golden Age of Hollywood" or something. Ron Glass, you deserve better. In fact, I think Ron should look into doing a remake of a Real classic, On Borrowed Time, which featured Lionel Barrymore as a crotchety old Grampa who gets Death up a tree... literally! :D
Oh 'Death At a Funeral' was a wonderful British comedy, but I think it could easily be adapted as something completely different, with this all African American cast. It won't take away from the original but should give this new cast plenty to work with. I can see there being room for both, I'd go see it!
Personally I thought the remake of 'The Women' didn't work at all, most remakes are just a pale copy, but I could see 'Death at a Funeral' being a good idea.
I heard Tracy Morgan was going to be a part of this. Are they just replacing all the British people with black people? Is that a thing now?

Tyler Perry?

That said, I guess there is sort of this tendency for every ethnic minority/group/whatever to take something existing and adapt it to their own purposes since it's unlikely that the demographic sought is gonna go watch the original. Like Eat Drink Man Woman was a Taiwanese/Chinese movie remade for Mexican-Americans as Tortilla Soup, all those Asian horror remakes SMG keeps finding her way into, Spaced almost being remade by Fox (despite basically being like British pop culture responding to American influenced nostalgia), or Black Frasier.

I admit I actually am curious what Tracy Morgan's acting is like when he's not on SNL or 30 Rock even if nothing else he's done really sounds like it'd appeal to me. And I do sort of wonder what role James Marsden has as maybe a token white guy.
When I worked at the movie theater downtown Palm Springs, CA we never showed black people movies. I don't think we showed the British one either though. I saw the original in an insane asylum. It was ironic.
Black Frasier between 8:00 and 8:15

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