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March 09 2009

Who is really in charge of the Dollhouse? Joss gives some hints in TV Guide's Mega Minute. There's also news about Charisma Carpenter starring in Stallone's new movie "The Expendables".

Oh darn. I saw Charisma's name in a Dollhouse post and thought she was guest-starring. Oooh, now wouldn't that be interesting if *she* were Alpha? *snicker*

And please no comments about who is actually playing Alpha. I only want to know when the show wants me to know.

So, who's really in charge of the Dollhouse? Joss Whedon elaborates on the latest twist.

That sounds like it could e kind of spoilery, but there's no spoiler tag on this post. I'm scared to look.

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First Julie Benz, now Charisma. I gotta wonder if Sly is an Angel fan.
I wonder if that means Adelle's a doll.

On an unrelated note, that photo of shirtless 80-year-old Sly was deeply disturbing.
what I wanna know is who has the perfectly crispy lettuce connection? and who's their supplier? Huggy Bear?
@ electricspacegirl:

If you saw Friday's episode ("Gray Hour"), the question Matt Mitovich asks Joss has pretty much already been answered.
Ah. I just didn't remember a twist in the mythology, so I was confused. Thanks.

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2009-03-09 23:57 ]
This was pretty pointless for anyone who's been watching the show, he could've used Joss' time to ask something actually interesting.

From the way Joss is dressed, it appears that this video clip was part of Matt Mitovich's 4-part interview with Joss, which was first posted during the week (or the week before, can't remember now) the first episode aired. Since it does have something to do with the most recent episode, it does have relevance, especially for those who might not have watched Friday's episode on Friday.
You're right, kasadilla. And the "latest twist" bit might actually be appealing to people who missed "Gray Hour" and attract some more viewers next week.
Yeah, I think Matt Mitovich had one short interview with Joss which he is parsing out a few seconds at a time. But it is still fun to hear the latest bit (and I'm happy Charisma got this role).
This raises more questions than it answers. Most importantly: Why is the so-called "Mega Minute" 2:20 minutes long?

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