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March 09 2009

"Dollhouse" mini-cap: "Gray Hour" at 4 episodes in, has started doing mini-caps (which I assume are miniature recaps) of Dollhouse.

Though instead of Sierra there's Sienna, but besides that not bad.

There's another article I've read in which they spelled Sierra wrong. Anyway, this isn't trying to be positive or negative, it's pretty much a "gray" (cof cof) review of the episode. I decided to go with publicity=good publicity. The more reviews we get the more people will read about the show and the more people might actually want to watch it.
I'm not sure what a re-cap is, I guess. After reading theirs, I have no idea on what went down in Dollhouse. I'm terribly confused. Are they always like this?
No, these are usually better, this one is kinda like summing it up and trying to be funny and making sure they comment on the lesbian line from the teaser, 'cause that's what AfterElleners are interested in.
danielgm86: Yeah. Maybe.

korkster: I guess that's why they call it a mini-cap? Because they just sum up things. I don't know. I haven't read that many of these things from them. Maybe it depends on who does it.

I checked two other mini-caps and they seem more detailed. But I think that's just that person's style.

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korkster, didn't you watch episode 4 yet?? are we spoiling you? :|
Did I misunderstand what you were asking? Because that has been known to happen, and I do need sleep.

If so, I'm sorry.
I thought After Ellen/Elton was a gay themed site. What's gay about Dollhouse? (That we've seen, of course)
They must have fixed their mistake, because I see it says Sierra.
John Darc, Eliza has huge gay fan base, she is very popular on After Ellen, they even did an interview with her a few days ago, if I'm not mistaking.
John Darc, I think it's less gay themes about the show in general, and more that Eliza has a huge gay following particularly evident on afterellen.
wow, we posted practically the same answer at the same time! weird with the beard.
Yea, I didn't see your post until I hit post myself, so it was a little late, lol.
I don't remember the 'weasel' getting killed - did anything untoward happen to him after Boyd shot his leg?
Yeah Mercenary, they didn't kill the weasel. They handed him over to the client so he could (presumably) kill him.
John Darc: is a website for lesbian AND bisexual women (same goes for but only ya know for men. lol.). But yeah, they pretty much said it all above. Heh.
korkster, didn't you watch episode 4 yet?? are we spoiling you? :|

No, you're not spoiling me. Of course I watched episode 4. :)

My confusion is with what the purpose of this mini-cap is. Is it just to sum up events (because they could have done a better job)? Is it to give their opinion (which seems mixed, but leaning towards negative)?

It's been said that the mini-caps have been more detailed in the past. When I read this one, I'm not quite sure what the intention behind it is. To bash it? To like it? To give the blow-by-blow? It doesn't seem to commit to any of these goals. Hence my confusion.

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