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March 10 2009

(SPOILER) Bones returns this Thursday with David's Bones directorial debut. David's answering questions for popwatch on March 11 and you can ask your questions here. Also, a clip from this week's episode.

Tomorrow David will be on the "Regis & Kelly" show, so I hope he talks about directing on "Bones." I enjoyed the video they have out of the cast praising him for directing the next episode of "Bones."
Yay Bones is back! I hope it's great!

And the car saleslady was on target. I've that experience before. You could be talking about soap, and they'll turn it into a special offer. :) Did you see the clunker she was trying to have him trade in for?? Whoa.
Thank goodness! Not a moment too soon! I was going through withdrawls.

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