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August 31 2003

(SPOILER) TV Tome previews the first four episodes of S5 With episode four, David Boreanaz becomes the most prolific Buffyverse actor - he will have appeared as "Angel" for the 148th time.

Oh, and Spike comes back as a ...

Eh, this info is mostly right, but still flawed. For instance, episode 4 isn't a Halloween themed episode - that's actually episode 5, which they haven't summarized yet. Not worth going into nitpicks here; TVTome is still one of my least favorite sites on the net.
I don't understand how the numbers for prolific Buffyverse actor work here...I can see how David Boreanaz's time as Angel makes him the most prolific Buffyverse actor...but I don't understand how Alyson Hannigan comes in second...
I think Alyson's 147 comes from the 144 episodes of "Buffy" (obviously) plus her 3 episodes of "Angel" (I'm going by her imdb info here, which says that she guested in "Disharmony", "There's No Place Like Pltz Glrb", and "Orpheus").

Sarah Michelle Gellar, on the other hand, only guested on 2 episodes of "Angel", placing her in third with 146.

Of course, that's only if you use episode counts, which can be a bit misleading. (To count Willow's three seconds in "There's No Place Like Pltz Glrb", for example, definitely seems a little silly.) But actually counting screen time is a lot harder ...
Thanks. I was wondering why Sarah Michelle Gellar didn't have the second place count.
Am I the only one who finds it immensely depressing that David is the only remaining original "Angel" castmember?
Shroomlet - You are not alone. I think we all miss Cordy and Glenn Quinn. And Elizabeth Rohm probably misses the Angel set, because she apparently left her acting talent in somebody's desk ...
Shroomlet -- yeah, it's kind of sad, but it's not really that surprising, since there were initially only two other actors in the cast (I don't think that Elizabeth Rohm appeared until Episode 2, and she wasn't a member of the regular cast ... was she?), and Doyle was tagged for death from the beginning. So, since Doyle's death, there have *only* been two members of the original cast for the past three and half years on "Angel".

I think that Alexis Denisof and J. August Richards are pretty close to original cast members, since they both appeared in Season 1 (and, in Denisof's case, on Season 3 of "Buffy").
Bobothebrave - I pretty much agree with you. Angel has known Wesley longer than he knew Doyle, anyway, having met him during Buffy's senior year.

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