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March 09 2009 launches Jo Chen Gallery. Catch a sneak peek of Jo's cover to the BtVS Season 8 Vol. 5 TPB.

Okay, I've never watched Law & Order, but I'm fairly certain there is not a vampire in it. Awesome.
That's actually a very subtle shout-out, since that cast -- Jesse L. Martin, Jerry Orbach, Sam Waterston -- were joined by a certain blonde actress named Elisabeth Rohm :)

Another Jo Chen masterpiece.

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I hadn't seen the Tales of the Vampires (the new one, not the series from a while back) cover until now. The pomegranate reminds me of Dru's line back in Season 2. I assume those are two original characters, not ones we already know.

Hadn't seen the one for #25 yet either. Is that Buffy or Dawn being licked and groped by the three-eyed, tentacled demon ? Hair looks dark enough to be Dawn's and I'm gonna guess that that's what the Thricewise looked like underneath whatever hot dude disguise fooled Dawn.

I forgot about some of these (especially the TPBs, since I get the monthly issues). I'm not into Star Wars but Jo Chen's cover for that is very cool too.
So awesome. It's hard to pick a favorite.
Kris, that's Dawn. And Scott Allie mentioned somewhere that the cover holds a hint to what happens to her next...and it's not necessarily what it looks to be at first glance. I'm intrigued to find out what he means.
This artist is frighteningly good. I'm glad that I'm sticking to the written word for my own creative efforts - I wouldn't want to have to compete with this fella'. By similar reasoning, I'm also staying away from TV scripts.
I wonder how much time it would take to draw the comics with the same level of detail of these covers. The fact that Jo Chen does covers only makes me think the answer is "a lot". But wouldn't it be great to have maybe some kind of special issue all drawn by her?
Jo Chen. Rules.
All I can say is, I'm damn disappointed that Dark Horse can't offer these as posters. There's at least two or three of these I'd like to have hanging on my wall. By the way, Mercenary, Jo Chen is a fella only if that's a gender-neutral term. Either that, or she's a pretty darn cute fella... ;-)
Jo is so awesome. She needs to release a collection.

I wonder if Dark Horse has any plans to release a cover collection? That would make a great coffee table book.
Rowan you could always scan the covers and then have them printed by a photo lab (or print them yourself, if you had a A3 photo printer). That's what I did and I have a couple of nice Buffy comics 30x45cm posters on my walls now, it's a decent size and looks great framed.
Hm. Time for me to turn in my Official Computer-Guy badge and decoder ring, because that didn't even cross my mind. *gad*

It would probably be easier, though, and give a better quality print to take the high-res images and have them printed from that - wish I'd thought of that earlier... Thanks!
They're so pretty. Jo Chen is frakking amazing!
That Volume 5 TPB cover is absolutely great.
Jo chen offers some of these as signed posters through her myspace page...she also takes requests for specific covers..
Jo is so fantastic -- Shiai, thanks for the heads-up on this. I bought a signed poster of the first Season 8 cover a couple of years ago and everyone who's seen it has been knocked out.
Jo chen offers some of these as signed posters through her myspace page...she also takes requests for specific covers..

Yep, here you go Rowan Hawthorn (maybe a bit dear for posters but then these seem to be prints and those are generally pricier). Others apparently available on request (if I had the cash the first Faith cover and bad-ass Willow would probably be my choices, though I do like the 'Peter Pan' cover for issue 10. And 'Fray/Buffy falling' for issue 16. And the second 'Faith in Flames' cover. And ... ;).

I love her art (even the few times i've bought covers by Jeanty/others i've always bought the Chen cover too - and I don't normally do that to be honest, not a big multiple copies/covers junky usually). Very well deserving of this showcase by Dark Horse.
Cool! I'll keep that bookmarked. The particular ones I'm interested in aren't on there, either, but she does say she prints others on demand, so I'll check that out. And, yeah, these are litho prints - they run pricier than your basic poster, but a nicer product.

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