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March 10 2009

An SFX Magazine interview with Mark Sheppard. Dollhouse, Firefly, The Middleman and Leverage all get discussed in this fab interview. And you'll find who originally wanted to play Badger (hint - his first name begins with the letter 'J' and ends in the letter 'S'.)

The Badger thing's been known for years. Isn't even in the commentary tracks?
You'dve thought He could've made it happen. I mean, talk about connected. Maybe it was a scheduling thing.

Always comes across as a straightforward sort of bloke and he's always great value wherever he pops up.

And brilliant, a Middleman graphic novel to tie it all up (isn't that about two circles Middleman's gone around ? [Potential] TV to comic to TV to comic ?). I'll miss the actors but still, pleased.
Mark Sheppard = Cool Dude.
"Ocean's Twelve-ish?"
I assume he means in that mold (i.e. a slick, quite light/glossy heist/caper/con series - which 'Leverage' is BTW, great show). He probably doesn't mean "self-indulgent" or "up its own arse" like "Ocean's Twelve" was IMO ;).
The Badger thing's been known for years. Isn't even in the commentary tracks?

Didn't find out that Joss was going to play a character in Firefly until Fillion's interview yesterday. Today I find out who that was. Very cool, but I'm glad Mark was Badger.

Meh, I don't get the Leverage love. Maybe I should try it again.
Meh, I don't get the Leverage love.

Communist kitten/puppy hater !

(for me it started off with some issues, partly because they were broadcast out of the originally intended order and partly just because some of the dialogue was a bit clunky IMO but it really hit its stride by about episode 7-ish and just got better from then on. So long as you like heist movies/shows of course korkster - if not, well, that's what it is so it may not be your bag ;)
Well, I didn't know Joss was supposed to play Badger. :)

Loved Mark as Sterling-really hoping they bring him back for season 2.

korkster-You should try it again. It's wicked fun.
Oh and speaking of Leverage, the series was nominated for the Saturn Awards: for Best Syndicated/Cable Television series and Timothy Hutton nominated for Best actor in television.

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