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March 10 2009

(SPOILER) Dollhouse panel at New York Comic Con. Fox has a 2-minute video recap of Joss' and Tahmoh's fun-time. Some never before seen clips of the game-changing Joss-penned sixth episode, "Man on the Street", included.

Those clips look great, I'm very excited for that episode. Those guys are pretty hilarious together.
Oh man, episode 6 looks soooo good!
Yay!!! That was groovy looking. I'm so psyched for Friday!
That scene in the alley looks exciting.
Yes, they were hilarious. Funny - the briefly show the clip of Joss walking in a waving. He actually kept walking and walked off the other end of the stage.

Does anyone have a transcript of the NY CC talk? I was there, and there are a couple things in there that'd I'd like to read again.... I've seen full video of it, but the audio is so rough that it isn't bearable (or even understandable). The full talk in this quality would be great, too... either one...

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