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September 01 2003

(SPOILER) Schh.... You know who. Just look at who is on the cover of this week's TV Guide.

A very nice pic indeed.

Really? I thought Angel looked kinda funny...
They are both wearing way too much pancake makeup. Kinda like old drag queens that only took off their wigs before the picture was taken.
Angel looks more vampirish.

Yeah, more camp.
First response was "ooh" cause they're on the cover..

Followed promptly by "bleh" cause yea, the makeup is horrible. Plus whats up with the fluffy hair on David? It's a bit Hasselhoff there. So yeah, horrible photo, imho. Too bad.
The expression on their faces looks to me like they're trying to keep from laughing.
I had visions of that guy that gets eaten in Nosferatu...
Heh. David looks like Odo.
Kidding aside, I'm proud of our little show for making the Guide. It's a big thing in TV world!
Whoa... James kinda looks, well... his age. They couldn't touch up the wrinkles and what not? And David's pic is very old. He's looking slim, hence I'm thinking that's a pic of his time on Buffy.
Those aren't two different pics. David and James did a photo shoot together. David is just slimmer now, which was also shown on the promo pics for 5.1 "Conviction".

BTW, there's a pic from the same shoot in the TV Guide article which is much better. That one should have been on the cover instead. Whoever did their makeup should be fired, but it's a lot better than the campy vamps one on the cover.

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tough group...

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