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March 10 2009

(SPOILER) TV Guide's Matt Roush is intrigued by Dollhouse. But not yet convinced that it will become a Whedon classic.

I like the promo 4 Terminator and dollhouse(that's bcause lm a guy) l like Matts' take on dollhouse but l believe it may surprise us all and wind up being a cult classic
Donnie, thanks so much for posting this. I'd been missing Ask Matt and was hunting for a new version just the other night, as a matter of fact.
Great to see Roush back online. I used to go to all the time but once he and Ausiello left I lost all reason to.
Echoing the thanks, Donnie, I'd missed Matt!
Another welcome back to Matt! Missed his thoughtfull commentary.
How big is the spoiler?
As far as I can tell the only thing spoiler-y is that he names the episode where two characters meet for the first time.

Earlier I posted a link for people to vote for Buffy in a poll, but it was deleted because "We don't have to post about every round.".

The thing is, if we don't, Buffy will lose to The Simpsons. Badly.

Can I repost it for at least some hours? The you can delete it, Buffy wins and everyone is happy. Please.
Ummm no. We don't do the reposting thing for a couple of hours, sorry.
OMG! Someone who is quasi-pseudo-para-elemental famous has semi-approved.................QUICK! onto the bandwagon!
Hurry! before the self righteous comment!

Ya's okay (at this point) to either love,loathe, or be on the fence with this one. I'm still giving it time. It's Interesting without being amazing at this point(to me). Character development...+.
Subject matter (American idol star) ...not so much.

*waits and enjoys the weaving of the tale.
At least I voted Rikardo ;)

Try to post it in one of the Brazilian comunities at Orkut.
"Ummm no. We don't do the reposting thing for a couple of hours, sorry."
So, will you do a permanent one?

Come on, do you really wanna see Buffy lose?
Rikardo, I really don't want get this thread sidetracked. If you would care to email me (my address is in my profile), then we can carry on this conversation.
Wow, I'm really excited that Matt Roush is back. I really missed reading his column and commentary every week.
Same here, ria. The internet just wasn't the same without him.
Something tells me I'll be the only person watching Dollhouse on March 30th 20th. I can't stand BSG.

( =P )

[ edited by ZachsMind on 2009-03-12 08:44 ]
Zachsmind, the last episode of BSG is on the 20th. March 30th is on a Monday, so I don't think ANYONE will be watching Dollhouse that night.
Unless they DVR-ed it earlier, of course!
I like BSG a lot, but I'm roughly three seasons behind, so I will probably be watching Dollhouse too.

Plus, I'd be watching Dollhouse even if I were caught up, I think. Because what're they gonna do if the BSG finale gets bad ratings? Cancel it? HAH!
I'm going to watch the BSG finale, watch the west coast feed of Dollhouse at midnight, and be sleepy on Saturday. Then watch Flashpoint online.

Why is everything on at the same time?

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