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September 01 2003

(SPOILER) Episode 5 spoilers based on the casting sides that are circulating around.

"Something borrowed", I was afraid of this. This season, Angel's going to be riding a fine line between standing on its own and being the predecessor to Btvs. Spike's a regular. There's talk of Buffy showing up during sweeps. It is important to keep established that Angel is in the same universe, but at the same time that importance will diminish as we get further and further from the end of Btvs. It's technically not The BuffyVerse anymore. It's the AngelVerse, or more appropriately The WhedonVerse.

But is it necessary to do a Halloween episode with plot elements so obviously stolen fron Btvs season four? Do they need to bring in as a recurring character a werewolf, echoing Oz's participation in the storyline of Btvs for three seasons? Personally I'd love to see Angel Five as Buffy eight, but is that what's best for the future of Angel? It just seems like they're trying to be both simultaneously. They want to continue plot elements in the Buffy series, while retaining individuality, and that just seems like a pious priest committing sins when no one's looking.
This is one concern I had about migrating Spike to Angel. I love Spike and all, but I was concerned about his impact on Angel, which has tried hard since Season 1 to establish its own independence away from Buffy.

If this show turns away from its self-supporting premise and becomes a vessel by which Buffy characters keep coming back, it will be like watching Season 1 all over again. However, I do understand underlying reasons why ME may be doing this (Ratings?).
Not necessarily ratings, but I'm sure they're hoping that will be an offshoot of doing it. Jordan Levin and his wish to "Collapse the Buffy universe unto Angel" is probably the only thing that got the show renewed.
AtS has done a group amnesia episode before, a body-switch episode, and several other familiar BtVS premises. I don't think it's a matter of making BtVS viewers feel more at home; they're just recycling ideas like always. I can't even count the number of times I've heard fans whining for an Angel musical like OMWF...

Makes no sense to blame Spike for a trend that started at least 2 seasons ago.

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