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March 10 2009

Daily Beast talks to "TV's Next Great Leading Man"... Groovy chat up with Nathan. Article is dated today.

I enjoyed the fact that he's a fan of the Watchmen book, and was slightly scared by him hankering to talk to the guy who wanted to "rile things up" between him and Joss . . . Don't think I'd want him calling me for a little chat.
Aha, so the publisher is his second [ex-]wife and therefore probably not his daughter's mother.

I wouldn't hate seeing Nathan as Capt. America (they could temporarily name Canada the 52nd state or something - i'd say 51st but then we'd have to go to war and I don't fancy that ;) but i'm not sure he has the right look/baggage. His vibe is slightly roguish, good guys but not really straight-arrows. Steve Rogers on the other hand, is about as straight an arrow as ever saw a bow.

(and Nathan's a big ol' geek, not surprised he's read 'Watchmen' "many times" though it is cool. He's a good ambassador for my people ;)
Well, Saje, I'd say that purely on looks, he's a great match for Captain America. But it's hard to imagine him doing that kind of over-earnest moral high ground character on basis of previous roles and his public persona. Then again: he's a pretty good actor, so I think he should be able to pull it off.

As for him being a geek, that always amuses me. Having read Watchmen multiple times, however, has my respect. I've read it twice and, while great, it always depresses the hell out of me, so I find it difficult to get through. Still haven't seen the movie either, but probably will as soon as I find some actual, y'know, time :).
Well, even typing this i'm cringing from the weight of potential Nathan defenders landing on me ;) but i'm not sure he's got that sort of clean-cut, unnervingly square-jawed, almost generic handsomeness that Rogers has.

I'm not claiming Nathans' even touched the ugly stick, never mind been hit with it but to my eye he doesn't have that almost unnaturally symmetrical, Nordic ubermensch thing going on that Rogers has, he's got a face that looks like it belongs to a real-life bloke rather than a super-model. He's not blond either but that's so minor it's barely worth mentioning (i've heard tell of a magical substance which can change hair colour just by topical application ;). Rogers is basically a blond Clark Kent, what Lois Lane sometimes calls 'corn-fed'.

Nathan's more a Punisher type IMO (or he could play the shit out of one of the Green Lanterns - Hal Jordan maybe - though I take his point that Green Lantern doesn't have the immediately recognisable villains that e.g. Batman or Superman have. That might've been an issue with Wonder Woman too BTW). Or Green Arrow maybe ? He has the lightness and with a beard (and dye) he could look the part I reckon.
While I see your point, I still think it might just work. He's got the right physique, but I agree he doesn't have the "greek god" thing going on. So sure, thinking of Captain America, I do think more of someone like, say, Aaron Eckhart.

As for Punisher, I don't know. Again, I have a lot of faith in Nathan's acting abilities and he certainly brought the dark as Caleb, but I'd like a more "conflicted" looking actor in that part. Think more Alexis Denisof (though he lacks the right physique and would be better off playing, say, Doctor Strange) than Nathan.

Agreed though that Nathan could totally play Green Lantern or Green Arrow.
Don't think I'd want him calling me for a little chat.

Nathan, it was me. I totally did it. Oh shame, shame on me for riling things up.

*Waits to be scolded*
*smites Emmie*

What if they told Captain America as the "real" figure, and not the myth? I haven't read anything from him, so this opinion is totally unbiased. ;)

Like they did with James Bond. When I see Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, I think "myth/legend" story. When I see Daniel Craig as James Bond, I see the "man behind the legend".

Maybe Nathan could do the same thing. How funny would it be if Captain America wasn't even American?
When I see Daniel Craig, I think "James Bond from the books".

I see Aaron Eckhart as Captain America from the books.
Yeah, exactly. Apart from a couple of cheesy movie appearances Captain America is Captain America from the books (i.e. there aren't really any competing interpretations) whereas for most people Bond is less the vulnerable, all too prone to injury and self-doubt "blunt instrument" of the books and more the "suave, womanising smoothy" of the films, so just portraying him closer to the original conception of the character (albeit a slightly more likable/sympathetic version) is seen as a big departure.

That said, they could always go in another direction with it, he doesn't need to be Steve Rogers for instance, Nathan could play a Captain America. Hell, as per the recent comics he could even play Frank Castle (normally AKA The Punisher) as "Captain America", then we'd all be happy ;).

(personally though I see Capt. America as kind of Marvel's Superman in that you don't grit him up and you don't make him ambiguous. Him not being like that is basically the core of the character, the world can turn to shit around him but he himself has to stay as a pure expression of the American ideal - it's the difference between America on paper and the America that water-boards "prisoners of war". Probably why they killed him I guess, he just doesn't fit in the world at the moment. Doesn't mean he won't again of course, I don't see Steve Rogers - or what he represents - staying dead forever)
Didn't Iron Man kill him?
Don't be daft, James Bond isn't dead... Oh, I see what you mean.

To be honest I don't read it, got the issue he was shot in though and AFAIK it's just some sniper. It's certainly not Iron Man directly, whether he's behind it either we don't yet know or you'd need someone more informed to tell you.
The Red Skull was behind it.
That Commie bastard. Possibly.

(ahhh, but who's behind the Red Skull ?)
Red Skull is a Nazi.
Yeah, like I said, that Nazi bastard. In fairness, Red is the internationally recognised colour of Communism so calling yourself Red Skull when you're a Nazi is just bloody confusing (I don't care what colour your skull actually is either BTW, there's a certain order to things is what i'm saying).

(just checked Wikipedia BTW - which is never, ever wrong. Fact - and apparently the third Red Skull was a Communist. Clearly that's the one I meant. Totally. Scout's honour. Ahem)
Well, Red Skull worked for SHIELD and whose boss was Iron Man. Therefore, it's his responsibility. ;)
Captain Stubing!? Oh Nathan, no. Other than that, very nice interview, thank you.
Don't the American Republicans use red? I get so confused during your elections.
It actually used to be that the incumbent was red and the other party was blue (...or maybe vice versa, I forget...) and it just somehow got stuck with Republicans as red and Democrats as blue in a recent election. Possibly 2000. So it's not so much the Republicans using red as the news media/poll people/whoever came up with the graphs.

Um. Hooray Nathan Fillion. Yes. Definitely on topic here.

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