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March 11 2009

Video of the Japanese premiere of Dragonball Evolution with James Marsters. The premiere took place yesterday, the movie opens in many areas of Asia on the 12th before making its way to the US, UK, and Europe in the beginning of April.

At this time there are no plans for other premieres with the cast outside of Japan.

Heee, James--- cute. I want to go to Japan, I'm actually surprised I understood a lot of what they said in Japanese (before they began talking really fast!lol), all that Anime watching must have had some linguistic effect ;)
Oh, opportunities lost, RavenU, if this only happened three months ago! sigh, I always seem to just miss these things.

Regardless, excellent report as always from our favorite RavenU!
hmmm ..... I got a pink "this video is private" strip across the top of the general "most popular" page???

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