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March 11 2009

Angel: After The Fall Vol 3 out today. Also getting released is the debut issue of John Byrne's mini-series 'Angel: Blood and Trenches'.

OT: Was just clicking links and noticed the quote in the corner. It was "Fe fi fo... ...Fucking fum." ...

What's that from? I'm drawing a total blank here.
Looking forward to Angel:Blood and Trenches #1.I'll be getting my copy tomrrow.
What's that from? I'm drawing a total blank here.

Xander and Dawn say it in 'The Long Way Home, Part Three'.
Got my copy of Blood and Trenches the other day. Very cool.
I didn't know if I should start a new thread for this but Chris Ryall posted on his blog the finished colored version of Franco's cover for Angel#23.The penciled version was posted a week ago or so.

Again,it has a massive spoiler for the issue.

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Buffyfanatic ... I think they've already deleted a couple of frontpage posts on the colored version of the cover.
That's why I played safe and just mentioned it in here.In case it didn't warrant a thread.
British posters might be interested to know that Waterstones is now selling the After The Fall volumes, I spotted the first one the other day along with the first Buffy season 8 tpb.
AHH! Awesome, I thought this was out NEXT week! :D
Although to get here to our stores, it probably is next week.
Thanks, redders. :)
For anyone in Canada who was gonna check this out at their book store instead of their comic store (because Chapters gift certificates from Xmas make me less nervous than plunking down cash would for this apparently controversial next chunk of "After the Fall"), anything under the Coles/Chapters/Indigo banner has it listed as being released on March 15th, which is this Sunday. I guess comic stores get first dibs (heh, it's the other way around for other certain non-literature items, like DVDs and Blu-Rays--Amazon and regular retail stores get 'em before the comic shop's orders from Diamond/Previews).
Blood and Trenches was excellent. I had been looking forward to this for ages.

At the beginning I wasnt sure. it opened well, but then slowed down a mite. But once we got to Europe it set a pace and didnt let up.

I love that the Colonel is a certain Watchers grand-father. Very nice touch.

The b+w art took a little bit of getting used to, but Byrne draws a great Angel - and the style suits the story very well.

If IDW continues stuff like this...well I am gonna be very happy:)
I have my copy of Angel:Blood And Trenches #1 now.And I loved it.I loved the look and the texture of the book.I've always been a fan of John Bryne's.I have his entire Superman run and while his Spider-Man run was less than steller.I always loved his art.The black and white suites this so well.I always thought the episode,"Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" should of been filmed in black and white(the parts not in the present day).It's so nice to see that be done here with Blood And Trenches.Plus having Wesley's family involved in this is neat.You can sort of see the pompous attitude is hereditary.Thankfully Wes broke out of that after working with Angel.

I really need to read the issue again but I'm the fly right now.First impression is thumbs up though.
19 quid this cost me in my local comic book shop. But hey the ribbon is back!
Yay, ribbon ! It's class.

I pick mine up today.

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