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March 11 2009

David Boreanaz and Jaime Bergman are expecting their second child. Congratulations David and Jaime!!

David announced it on Regis and Kelly this morning. I thought Kelly was going to faint :). Great news and congratulations to David, Jaime and Jaden.
LOL agreed resa. Kelly was like "WHAT?!?!" Congrats to the loving Boreanaz family. Best wishes and blesses :)
I manage to just catch David on K & R, and I think he entirely slipped up when he revealed that he and his wife were having a baby. For a second he had this, "Whooops!" expression on his face before rolling with it. Congratulations, none the less!
For context, David was telling Regis and Kelly how he had tried to explain to his 7 year old son about the Birds and the Bees. In the course of relating this, he accidentally referenced how he was trying to explain how Mom and Dad had made a new baby. As Phillynikki and Resa put it, Kelly immediately caught the slip and went ballistic while Regis, who had apparently missed it, slowly caught on.
There's a clip here. Very cute moment.
I'm still making with the squealing!
Congrats to them!
That was delightful. And, not accidental at all, I don't think - you could see the quiet joy on DB's face as he made the reference. Congratulations to them both.
Interesting; married couples "get expecting" all the time, so why would Kelly react so strongly? None of my beeswax, admittedly, but a tale probably hangs thereby.

Regardless, "corn grits" to them both, and to Jaden on impending brotherhood.
I love how family-oriented David is. And he's so clearly excited to be having another baby. Aw, Daddy David is very sweet.
That was a lovely moment this morning - totally worth being slightly late for work! :D Luckily I can make it up at the end of the day.

Congratulations to David and family.
David looks so happy, it makes me smile. Congratulations, indeed!
That didn't seem accidental. But it was totally cute. He has a great "I'm a dad!" smile. :D
Yay. Congrats to them. :D
Aww, that's great! They're such a cute couple, congratulations to them both!
Interesting; married couples "get expecting" all the time, so why would Kelly react so strongly? None of my beeswax, admittedly, but a tale probably hangs thereby.

Well, It's been almost 7 years since Jaden was born, so it did seem as though they were done having kids. Every time David was asked about it though, he'd always say he'd love to have more children if they were 'blessed'. So they may have had some trouble. Anyway ... very happy for them.
Great news! Congratulations to mom, dad and brother.
Did you see that smile? I don't think the slip was accidental either, but there was *nothing* contrived about the way he looked afterward.

Oh David, I'm happy for you just because I doubt one person could contain that much excitement. It sort of spills off.

Kelly looks like she got was near the epicenter, but I got some too.

I'm so happy for David and Jaime and Jaden! I wonder if the baby will have a J name or a D name? Jaden is a blonde David. I wonder who this baby will favor? Congratulations and blessing to this family on their happy happy news!
That was so not an accident, he was bursting to say something. :D May both mommy and new baby have a healthy pregnancy and delivery, and congratulations to the whole family.
Congratulations to David, Jaime and Jaden! Very exciting news, indeed!

You can just tell that DB has just totally and utterly embraced being a daddy with gusto.
Well, dang that was a sweet announcement.

They say these things come in threes, so with Aly and David both expecting this year, I wonder who else will round off the BTVS Baby Trifecta?
Actually, all 4 parents in this case have been in the Jossverse (Jaime appeared in Time Bomb)... So, we've actually kind of broken the 3ness and brought about a total of 4 Jossverse people (or 3 if you just want to acknowledge those who had main character roles).

Still, it's true that both couples have appeared together on-screen in the Jossverse (though not playing couples). Kind of cool.

Let's just make it a congrats for David/Jaime/Jaden and Alyson/Alexis!

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