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March 12 2009

Would you protect your pet from Reavers? IMDb has a new poll, featuring Serenity.

You might want to mention in the description that IMDb requires registration for these polls.
I have a Jack Russell Terrier, so I chose the option "My pet is faster on four legs than I am on two, so I wouldn't go back in any of these circumstances."

Yeah, I'm a terrible pet owner. :P
On the off chance this stays ...

Don't have a pet so guilt-free fleeing for me (I carry my extensive collection of novelty Pez dispensers with me everywhere so there's no point having a poll for that, even if it's a pretty obvious idea for one).

Casting my mind back to 14 year old me and his yellow Lab, i'd probably go back without hesitation under any circumstances. 14 year old boys are dumb, i'm assuming this isn't news to anyone ;).
See, that's where being allergic to cat hair and having too small a place for a dog finally starts paying off: once armies of zombies/terminators/reavers start showing up. I'll be the one who lives! *knocks wood* ;)

And Saje, when I was 14 years old, I was smart as hell. *crickets chirp*. Well, okay, I guess I was dumb too :p
Heh ;). And yeah but it's the only kind of dumb you miss, right ? I mean, of all the myriad ways of being stupid there're many worse than that sort of simplistic love between a boy and his dog.
True. Then again: I never actually had a dog myself. I did "baby sit" a nice goofy golden retriever each summer during those years and that was a lot of more fun than the words "baby sit" imply.

So, yeah; dogs and kids: usually a great combination. Now if they would only play sports, then they'd be the perfect comrade for a young boy. But they'd still totally get you killed when approached by a killer zombie horde ;).
YES! When it comes to my dog Lea.. "Then the last thing she'll see is me protecting her" But I do think that she can defend herself, being a german sheperd and all.
So basically this poll is "which enemy could you take in a fight?" Probably the Doomsday cannibals cause they're really bad punks.
Even good punks wouldn't worry me too much to be honest, they're mostly full of wind and pish in my experience.

Yeah, they're the only ones you'd stand a chance against since they're just people. I mean, a mohican could take an eye out I suppose but it's not exactly acid for blood or a hyper-alloy combat chassis.
I think this is one of those polls where the LOWER it rates the better. Cuz it means the Reavers are more terrifying than anything above it... I think?
I note they didn't have the option, "Your cat can climb trees and jump like Superman, so you flee the scene." That's the one I would choose. Oh, okay, if they were injured and it was slow-moving zombies, yes, I would go back. But otherwise, they need me alive to keep buying cat food.
I shared a female black cat with my sister, as a kid. However, I'm certain that she will kill me more horrible than the rivers if I tried to catch her while she was upset.

...But I'm not more so child
To know everything

Lyrics from Legiao Urbana's "Quase Sem Querer", in a terrible atempt of translation.
Well there's not a horror alive or undead that I wouldn't throw myself in front of to protect my cats. (And if Mrs. Haunt is reading this I'm sure she's rolling her eyes in frustrated agreement right now.)
This is tough since A) cat left behind to be eaten by monsters or slowly starve alone in abandoned apartment, awful and normally not an option but B) carrying around cat during rest of movie while running from monsters, very difficult.
I've never seen Romero's NIght Of The Living Dead, but if the same rules apply as in the remake of Dawn Of The Dead, the zombies would just ignore animals anyway, right? I suppose if my cats were hungry enough in that case they would start nibbling on the zombies decaying flesh. However, if Reavers treat animals in the same disgusting ways they do humans, I suppose I would have to go back for them so as to avoid them being violated and eaten alive.
My pet is a bonsai and it's almost dead (I think it has a bug).

So I'll run like the wind.
I'm a new member of Whedonesque (I've been lurking for years), so I thought this thread might be a good, safe place to start. :)

I would never, ever leave my beloved dog behind, mostly because he would think that he could take on all the Reavers by himself. In truth, the minute one actually attacked him he'd just cry and whine and be too freaked out to flee.
You know those old Family Circus follow-the-dotted-line maps? That would be me chasing after my old dog and running in between hoards of Reavers. Over that fence, in between that guy's legs, around that tree three times, jumping on that trampoline...
I have harnesses and leashes for my two cats ready in the hallway in case of fire - or approaching zombie or Reaver hordes. I'm just afraid that one of them would hide under the bed where I can't reach her if she becomes frightened! But I couldn't leave them behind to get eaten!
I have harnesses and leashes for my two cats ready in the hallway ...

Heh, that reminds me of an early memory of taking the family cat for a walk with a collar and lead. Let's just say she really wasn't into it ;).

(loved that cat, she used to jump up and chap the letterbox to be let in)
My cat has Houdini-like harness escaping powers.

On further thought maybe she's not the one who'd need saving.
I just saw Bolt today, so I would expect my pet to save me.
My pet and i have an understanding.
Space zombies mean everyone for themselves!
A pet reaver would keep the neighborhood kids off of my lawn...
None of those threats are known for attacking animals (domesticated or otherwise), and most of the pets I've known have had highly developed skills of self preservation (with the running & hiding), so I picked:
"I don't have a pet, so I would flee guilt-free".
Not going to sign up with IMDb and look for yesterday's poll. But my parrots can fly, so I could probably flee, guilt free. Otherwise, no doubt I'd do something stupid and try to save them.
I've changed the link to the results if anyone is curious (you don't have to register to view it).

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