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March 12 2009

Firefly wins 1st annual Hulu award for "Shows we'd bring back". As voted by the fans. Scroll down the page to watch the pilot in high-res, streaming video for free. Also on the page, Dr. Horrible is currently the #1 Most Viewed Embedded Video, beating out the Presidential Inauguration!

Other videos on the site may not be safe for work or suitable for younger audiences. Viewer discretion is advised, naturally.

Come the revolution, Firefly is the first show I'd bring back. :)
Buffy for me. Yeah, I'm a Browncoat, but I was a Buffster and a Scoobie before that.
RBB shhhhh!
The first rule of the revolution is to not talk about the revolution. But yes, I concur with your master plan and would follow you into hell any day, providing our battle flag reads "In Whedon We Trust"

Of course then we can use the space program to build the serenity for real! and this time the Colbert Nation won't be able to try and change it's name!
Buffy had a long run and a proper ending, though. Wish we'd had that with Firefly.
Buffy is my favorite Joss show and my favorite show of all time, but I think it had its run. Firefly still had a lot to explore, so for that I'd bring Firefly back.

I'd also like to bring back Veronica Mars and The 4400.

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OMG! The 4400 just needed one more season. Just one more!

But I'd still bring back Firefly. Buffy was my favorite show of all (and still is) but I just really really want to know what was going to happen on Firefly. Like, really really.

Also, why did Family Guy have it's own category? Was there no other show in that field?
Yet again the video's will not play in the UK.

I would vote to bring back Firefly; there are so many more stories to tell and the comic books are just not the same. I want to see our BDH's back onscreen again.
I agree that the 4400 could have used another season. The ending was particularly irksome. I would have liked more Deadwood, or for Carnivale to be finished (though that's the creator's fault...he was told he could keep doing it if he trimmed the budget a little, but he refused). More than anything I would have LOVED another season of Twin Peaks (S3 was supposed to be Cooper trying to escape from the Black can't ask for more creepy, surrealist TV than that!), though I really doubt that David Lynch would EVER wrap things up.

More Buffy would be nice (though I'm liking the "not constrained to a budget" storytelling of the comics), but I definitely agree Firefly was cut WAY too short. It's tough to say which show I would have liked more, had they equal runs, but I like the first season of Firefly WAY better than the first season of Buffy. It's a shame that we are not likely to ever see what it would have grown into.
The 4400 really needed just one more year. Also, if Angel had just one more year it would've been lovely. I wanted to see more Illyria.

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