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March 12 2009

(SPOILER) Three Previews for Dollhouse 1x05 "True Believer". Hulu has the sneak peaks for tomorrow's episode.

Might be an idea to change the link once they appear on other sites (so everyone outside the US can see them).
Yep, Multipleverses or Spoiler TV usually have them up pretty soon. (Unfortunately I'm off now for the day, so if it does show up, could a mod please change it?)
Please do change the link when it's available somewhere else. I promised myself I'd stay away from spoilers and long previews, but I just can't hold myself, it's my curse.
Yeah. This is gonna be awesome.
Me likey. I feel like this episode may be a tad controversial, but also thought provoking. I'm all about that.
This episode continues to look awesome. Can't wait!
I think anyone who still has qualms over Eliza's acting may be silenced by the range in this episode. This character looks (from the few clips posted) very different than the other characters she's been playing so far. I'm very excited to see more of the range that Joss talks about.
boykit, I'm with you there!! Eliza was always my favorite Whedonverse actress, and I can't wait for the world to see how great she is.
Tim Minear. How can it not be a great episode? Simple answer: It can't not be!

I'm so in love with that man.
So she has faith. That's just like being Faith!

These clips are great! She definitely has me fooled on her blind person take. I can't wait for Friday!
*waits for the other links...*
I also waits for Englands very own link.
Also waiting!
This episode looks really good :-D
Wait a little longer? It's almost Friday! ;)

Sorry. I checked Spoiler TV, Dollverse, & Multipleverses but no video clips yet. (But it looks like Merlin is coming to NBC this summer.)
Great premise looking 4ward 2 seeing it
I wish to the gods it wasn't but it is. Merlin is terrible. Very.
Can someone please check if Fox really posted "True Believer" on already? My shield isn't getting through.
Um, yes. It would appear that they have.

Intentional, or oopsie?

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